Thursday, November 16, 2017

Golden Ghetto Accused Drunk Rape Creeper

Call it the latest "#MeToo" in report in Johnson County. Checkit:

Overland Park man charged with raping person incapable of giving consent

An Overland Park man has been charged with rape for his actions toward a person under the influence of alcohol in the spring of 2016.


Anonymous said...

because of the effect of alcohol or drugs

I don't condone rape but if I get drunk out of my mind almost to the stage of blackout does that mean I can break the law and not be held liable for it. Did she say yes but does not remember doing so?

When you choose to do drugs and alcohol in excess is that now an excuse to no longer be responsible to what happens to you or what you do?

Anonymous said...

He is cute.
C'mon babe, let's have a drink and a bowl.