Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Early Sit Down

We start our very early morning with Jessica Jane and a lot of Kansas City MSM links that are worth a look:

Locals Looking For Workers

KC facing construction worker shortage ahead of potential KCI redevelopment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's National Institute for Construction Excellence (NICE) was formed in 1998 in response to a shortage of skilled laborers. That shortage is still prevalent today, which is worrisome to those in the construction industry, especially with big projects coming up in the city.

Flood Of New Projects

Massive projects underway to try to reduce flooding across Kansas City area

A series of massive, multi-million dollars projects is underway to try to reduce flooding across the metro. Experts tell KCTV5 this summer's flooding was second only to the great flood of 1951. For the groups responsible for mitigating the problem, it was a learning experience.

Fear Meth Town Hooting

Many owls spotted in Independence, some say they swooped on pets

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Many people have said they have seen owls in Independence, and some people are going to sleep with a familiar "hoot" outside their windows. Jennifer Kelley said owls call back and forth to each other between her front and backyard.

Local Biz Against Amazon HQ2 Hype

Mycroft CEO: Ditch Amazon bait for better investment - KC startups

Editor's note: Kansas City-based Mycroft CEO Joshua Montgomery wrote this piece in response to the area effort to attract Amazon's prospective HQ2. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author's alone. My first face-to-face meeting with an Amazon employee took place on his day off.

KC Animal Kindness

Mission man raises enough money to get mats for every KC animal shelter

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Scott Poore dedicates his life to helping homeless pets. In fact, his entire business, Adopt Don't Shop KC, is built around it. He volunteers at animal shelters nearly every day and he found, "There's one common theme and that's laundry."

Suburbanite Winning

Lee's Summit & Olathe make top-50 list of best cities

Breaking News Two KC Metro cities have made a list of top-50 best cities to live in the US. According to USA TODAY, Lee's Summit is ranked at 19th on the list, Olathe comes in 23rd. Lawrence, just outside the KC Metro, takes the 33rd spot.

Grave New Airport Mistake

Construction on new KCI terminal could be disrupting a grave site

There's new concern for the location of a potential new single terminal airport in Kansas City - or at least what's under the location. Officials say slave burial grounds can be found among the 11,000 acres owned by Kansas City International Airport.

Beck - Colors is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Scott Poore, what a nice thing to do. Hats off to you!

Anonymous said...


When Jessica sought treatment for her fear of drawers, I encouraged her to go panty-less!!!

Anonymous said...

Slave graves, same old myth, and yes we all are part indian.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Jane cringed in fear! "is he finally gone?" she thought to herself, "Is it over at last?"

Yes the Mad Doodler had struck again, using his dastardly Magic Marker to make ugly, poorly executed drawings on the pure, soft skin of another helpless victim!

Anonymous said...

The slave graves will close the airport as a Federal Ruling is already in the pockets of the Airport Authority and the Slie James file cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Fuck!!! they are dead and have been for years!! "They" the dead wont complain if planes land on their dead ass!! So why is anyone who is alive? This is a stunt to stop the new airport project via propagana. How is anyone going to PROVE its a burial ground? Are they going to dig up some bone? well that would be more disrespectful to any place someone was buried as opposed to "LIFE GOES ON MOTHER FUCKERS!! So if we cant build where someone is buried from a hundred years back when they didnt do mass burials like in all of our glorious gardens for those that went to a "better" place, why the hell is this even a issue??