Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Links

Angelic Selita goodness and some of the top links we're checking right now . . .

Kansas City Camel Milk Crackdown

Feds seize camel milk in Kansas City

Prosecutors allege a California company selling the products advertises them for treatment of autism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer and other diseases.

Hipster Foodie Promo

KC Kitchen & Pizzeria is the Full Meal Deal for Dairy-Free Diners

Amber of KC Kitchen & Pizzeria emailed to let us know about her friendly establishment: Our restaurant offers a large variety of dairy-free options, including beer, pizza, hoagies, salad dressings, and cheesecake. We're also in the process of expanding our menu, adding burgers, and will be offering 'Beyond Meat Burgers' as a Vegan option.

Kansas City Shot Caller Goodbye

Kansas City pro wrestling announcer Bill Kersten passes away

Professional wrestling lost yet another of its longest lasting television announcers as Bill Kersten, who made the term "He-llooo wrestling fans" into part of the lexicon of the Central States, passed away yesterday. He was believed to be in his early 90s.

Nasty Kansas City Review

A Besieged Rhythm Nation

Curious pacing and lousy sound didn't prevent me from thoroughly enjoying Janet Jackson's appearance at the Sprint Center on Thursday. Frontloaded with most of her biggest hits, the concert often resembled a low-budget 1980s music video. I was unable to ascertain if Jackson's singing was canned, partly because most of the rhapsodic women who surrounded me in the cheap seats were superior vocalists.

Kansas City Fanboy Hindsight

Why weren't the Chiefs more aggressive on their final drive?

The Kansas City Chiefs dropped their second game of the season Thursday night to the Oakland Raiders, but they probably shouldn't have, given they had a fresh set of downs on offense with 4:15 left on the clock leading 30-24. Oakland had two timeouts remaining.

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Anonymous said...

It's really not camel milk. It's really camel jizz. Muslims drink it by the gallon and they like it.

Anonymous said...

Crack down on camel's milk is fine, just no limit on camel toe!

Anonymous said...

The technical, football term for the Chief's conservative "playing not to lose" strategy is NO BALLS!

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are low life anti American scum. Don't forget to put on your pinko shirts on pinko Friday to show you're a coward!

Anonymous said...

Lay off the Chiefs. Their knees were sore....

Anonymous said...

spoiled brats

Anonymous said...

Camel Milk? I wouldn't drinking anything that comes from an animal that fucks Muslims!