Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Kansas City Morning First Look

We start our morning 1st look with tribute to classic Lucy and her enduring body of work. From there we move forward and take a look at top MSM links for today. Checkit:

More KCMO HQ2 Deets Coming Soon

Kansas City to reveal details of bid for Amazon HQ

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City announced that it will reveal details of its proposal to convince Amazon to build its headquarters in Kansas City. Amazon is promising 50,000 jobs and a $5 billion investment in the city that wins its new headquarters.

Social Justice Off-Season Training

Why Royals' Dayton Moore is taking his staff to Atlanta to study Martin Luther King Jr.

The idea was born last summer. The inspiration hit all at once. On a steamy July day in Atlanta, Royals general manager Dayton Moore had taken his teenage son, Robert, to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood near downtown. Moore had long admired the civil rights icon, he says.

Tragedy On Local Streets

Pedestrian killed near 40 Hwy & Phelps in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police say a pedestrian was killed near 40 Highway and Phelps Wednesday evening. Officials believe the victim is a 52-year-old woman. It appears the dark pick-up truck was heading eastbound on 40 Highway when the accident occurred. A witness told 41 Action News that it appeared the woman walked into traffic.

Questioning Crackhead Tactics

Blue Springs homeowner: 'Who steals carpet?'

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - On Monday, Cheri Crowley came to the home she and her husband recently sold. "Saw my garage door wide open, knew something was wrong," she said. Then her neighbor, Kristin Wood, told her she saw two men outside that afternoon. Wood said, "I knew that they were moving.

Kansas City Old School Ride Out Of Commission Despite Petition

Worlds of Fun announces closing of Finnish Fling

One of Worlds of Fun's inaugural rides will be closing soon. The park announced Wednesday evening that Finish Fling's cycle is over. The final ride will come on Oct. 29. Finnish Fling was at ...

Helping Hand As Winter Approaches
Brookside Business Collecting Coats and Sweaters for Domestic Violence Survivors
Old School KCMO Street Life Reporting

Delaware one of the city's oldest streets

Most of the buildings shown in this Southwest News Company postcard published in 1907 were demolished in the late 1940s to make way for the new 6th Street Expressway that connected the inter-city viaduct with downtown and Independence Avenue. Today that expressway is known as the north portion of the downtown loop.

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Anonymous said...

40hwy has seen a big increase in meth heads and prostitutes for the last several years, they hang out at the nasty motels. The black druggies have been trying to take over, independence and KCPD have down little to nothing to stop any of this. I feel bad for the poor lady that got run over but they walk out into traffic like zombies all the time. She isn’t the first to get hit over there and she won’t be the last, it’s getting pretty bad and yet the police don’t do anything to stop it

Anonymous said...

Glad that we're going to find out if the City wasted taxpayer's money on the futile Amazon Bid beyond the Mayor's humiliating publicity stunt that killed any possibilities of winning and probably still ha them chuckling in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

@6:12Am How exactly can the police do something to stop someone from walking into traffic? Heads up, they can't! Stop blaming the police! That's an infantile response. Do better idiot!