Friday, October 20, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Link Look

Right now we celebrate KB hotness and all these Kansas City MSM links for today. Take a peek:

Sprint Needs Temp KC Tech Workers

Who's hiring tech workers in the Kansas City metro? - Kansas City Business Journal

It's no secret that employers are looking to fill technology jobs. But which local company is most active in this search? It's Sprint Corp., according to a survey by jobs website Indeed. While Kansas City has a smaller share of tech jobs compared with the largest tech hubs in the U.S., the technology sector is growing to account for a larger portion of openings across the metro area.

Midtown Eco-Devo Crackdown

Westport suspension leaves developers on edge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's a sunny afternoon, as Steve Benenate sits with a friend outside Westport's staple Broadway Cafe. "It's one of the few places there is where people walk around, and you can talk and visit," Benenate said.

Prison Industrial Fact Check

After 23 Years In Prison, Freed Kansas City Man Trying To 'Believe It's Real'

He's not angry. He's been eating everything he can. And he's noticed how distracted we all are thanks to our smartphones. But mostly, Lamonte McIntyre says, he spent most of his time in his first week out of prison after 23 years for a crime he didn't commit: "Trying to force myself to believe it's real," he says.

Here Comes Another Judge

Jalilah Otto, George Wolf become Jackson County Circuit Court judges - Kansas City Business Journal

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens appointed a new judge for the 16th Judicial Circuit, which covers Jackson County. The second such appointment in the last two months. The new judge is Jalilah Otto, who has served as an associate circuit judge in Jackson County since 2014.

Looting The Golden Ghetto

Anvil stolen from Shawnee monument

Someone stole an historic anvil from a monument in Shawnee this week. The anvil is believed to weight about 200 pounds.

Kansas City Ruins Country Club Plaza

Developer works out neighborhood concerns, gets approval for Plaza apartments

Everything's a go for an apartment project near the Country Club Plaza, one year after nearby residents complained that the proposal was too dense. The Kansas City Council on Thursday approved a plan for a $38 million, 191-unit apartment project on vacant land near St. Luke's Hospital at 44th and Washington streets.

Rich KC Coffee Building Boom

Go inside Messenger Coffee's $4.2M flagship KC location [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

Messenger Coffee Co.'s vision for a grand flagship location is coming to fruition. The four-year project debuts to the public Saturday in the Crossroads Arts District and gives customers an up-close look at the coffee roasting and bakery operations. (Customers even can watch grains milled on site through a lighted display window.)

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Tracy Thomas said...

I am weary of all TKC links to kcbizjournal. They are just teasers for subscribing. Even the STAR lets nonsubs read 30 or more stories per month.

So please, Tony--reprise the contents, or stop linking to this publication--a waste of time. Or--work out a deal with them for a special link that if YOUR readers click that amended link, they can read the story without the endless hustle.

It's not like you link to every story they do. They do a great job of covering news, especially real estate stories, with Rob Roberts. But mgmt is unrealistic in thinking TKC readers are their target market, so get them to ease restrictions.

Maybe call us Tonys Dreamers! Wanting to sneak into the archives illegally, and dreaming of one day being as rich as the subscribers like Ray Kowalcik at Burns & Mac--who doesn't actually pay for HIS subscription either--it's a corporate writeoff.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL Tracy! You crack me up. Good comment, maybe one day you'll learn how to use the Internet and you'll never have to pay another subscription fee again!