Friday, October 20, 2017

Show-Me Fake Missouri Tech Winning

Vaporware earns more promotion as experimental tech demands very real cash from taxpayers. Take a look at social media fake news promotion that's mostly unchecked . . .

Hyperloop to AP: Kansas City-St. Louis route in top 5 as finalists narrowed

Kansas City's hopes to land a high-speed commuter route to St. Louis continue to shoot forward, a Hyperloop official confirmed Thursday. Two weeks after the State of Missouri entered into a public-private partnership with Hyperloop to study the feasibility of a 23-minute supersonic track between the two cities, the Associated Press reports Missouri is a leading contender for the competitive project.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a huge new project brought to you by the same people who can't afford or even try to maintain an interstate highway and all part of the pitiful effort to attract the new Amazon HQ, brought to you by the same people who don't have the savvy or intelligence to put together a serious process for a proposal for an airport terminal.
At least these folks are honest enough to put a "hype" in hyperloop!
More grandiose fantacizing with that bottomless pit of taxpayer money.
You mean to say it doesn't even have a stop in Warrenton?
How's Mike's new taxpayer-subsidized hotel coming?

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea.

i can't think of a better place for it in terms of the effect that it could have.

Anonymous said...

AP reported it and it was also in the biz journal. What's wrong with telling the world what AP said?

Anonymous said...

Three stops in Columbia? A town with a perennial population of 120,000 and a base pop. of 80k or so. It takes what? 10 minutes to drive from I-70 in the North to Nifong down South. This is like the joke that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a target for terrorism!
And besides, they are forgetting how much the rest of the State hates St. Louis and KC, why would they support this?
It has no benefits for anyone outside of these two locations.