Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rock Chalk Gender Talk Push Back

Conservatives fear the a recent study didn't offer much in the way of higher learning and challenge the pursuit of knowledge (and/or constant whining) on the topic of disparity. You decide . . .

The KU "Gender Equity Report": A Case Study of Academic Waste - The Sentinel

Although its authors needed seven months beyond its one year deadline to finish, the 30-page "Gender Equity Report" produced by the University of Kansas seemed to say nothing and to please almost no one. In reading the lengthy article in the Daily Kansan by Callie Pearce on the equity report, one comes away wondering whether there is any hope for the American university.


Gray Back said...

Fuck KU. Long ride the Missouri Raiders.

Anonymous said...

I agree General Gray Back. Fug dem Right to Work, red leg regulater, Jayhawk free stater sunflower sons of bitches.

Let's ride to Lawrence...oh wait...if we don't need our dicks sucked no reason to go there.