Saturday, October 07, 2017

Kansas City Saturday Link Roundup

Quick collection of some of the most important stories today. Take a peek:

Fight For Vet Healthcare

'It's what killed him,' Son blames hospital for father's death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three weeks after a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the Kansas City VA Medical Center, the man who filed it is speaking out. Craig Beemer said his father, John Beemer, 84, died after a series of medication errors while being treated at VAMC.

Newbie Politico Partner Scammed

KC mayor candidate's wife robbed in Ward Parkway home

It's been an eventful week for Crossroads business owner Phil Glynn. On Thursday, Glynn announced he was running for mayor of Kansas City in the 2019 election. Four days earlier, his wife, Elizabeth Glynn, tried to assist a teenager who came to their Ward Parkway home Sunday evening asking for help.

Tragic Tragedy Update

1 killed in single-vehicle crash on Shawnee Mission Parkway

A man was killed in a crash that happened off of Shawnee Mission Parkway. On Saturday, police went to the scene of the crash at about 11:20 a.m. The crash was on the southern side of Shawnee Mission Parkway near Pioneer Crossing Park, which is just east of Goddard Street.


Family, friends honor Lee's Summit teen at vigil

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Dozens of friends, family and classmates gathered for a candlelight vigil Friday night to remember a 17-year-old and encourage each other to seek help. Last week a single gunshot ran out at Lee's Summit North High School. The school was evacuated and students were sent home.

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Anonymous said...

One of these days the chicken shits at the KC VFW HQ will stop kissing the VA's ass and someone will blow the lid off that place. Th KC VA is a fucking shit hole that cold give a fuck if veterans suffer. So long as they can doctor the files and blow smoke up everyone's ass with their bullshit PR they are happy campers in that place.

Anonymous said...

Can the newsies come up with another term for gunfire - "shots rang out" is getting over-used.

Anonymous said...

Thank God they didn't find Ms. Glynn in one of the abandoned houses on Montgall, shot to death after having been "entertained" for a day or so by a dozen of our fine, upstanding scholarly Youths who are all "turning their life around".

Jesus Christ Lady, this is Kansas City! Lock your door, learn to use a 20-gague shotgun, THINK!