Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kansas City High Flying News Links

Hottie Vikki inspires this quick recap of some of the top Kansas City news items out there right now. Take a peek:

Keeping The Southland Peace

Standoff at south KC home ends peacefully, police say

A police standoff on the city's south side ended peacefully Tuesday afternoon. Kansas City police said officers were called at 1 p.m. to a home in the 4500 block of East 114th Street on a reported domestic violence assault call.

Golden Ghetto Traffic Tragedy

Pickup swerving to miss parked vehicle kills pedestrian in south JoCo

A pickup swerving to miss a parked car struck and killed a pedestrian Tuesday morning in south Johnson County. The traffic fatality occurred shortly before 7 a.m. along West 215th Street between Swtizer and Antioch roads, according to the Johnson County Sheriff's office.

Double Lucky Local News

Stranger's Powerball purchase prompts $1 million win for Parkville man

Sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen. William Arrington occasionally buys a Powerball ticket when the jackpot gets high, but it wouldn't take a jackpot to make the Parkville man a millionaire. The Powerball jackpot on Aug. 19 was $535 million. "I didn't even think about it," said Arrington.

Power Play Shut Down Again

Great Plains/Westar deal gets zapped with another lawsuit - Kansas City Business Journal

The proposed merger of Great Plains Energy Inc. and Westar Energy Inc. faces another federal lawsuit from a shareholder attempting to slow down or tank the deal, this time on the Missouri side. The lawsuit was filed by Great Plains shareholder Steven Bushansky, and is nearly identical to a lawsuit filed by Westar shareholder David Pill in late September in federal court in Kansas.

Rock Chalk Hiring Spree???

UnitedHealth Group Says It Will Add 500 Jobs In Kansas

Officials with the UnitedHealth Group on Tuesday announced they would bring 500 jobs to Kansas. Around 150 of the positions will be at OptumRx's Overland Park facility at 6860 West 115th Street, where renovations have opened up a floor full of cubicles waiting to be filled.

Corporate Art Collection

KCPL set to launch refugee photography series

The Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) will soon be offering a snapshot into the lives of refugees who have resettled in Kansas City. The library's Outreach department and Refugee & Immigrant Services & Empowerment (RISE) division are partnering with Jewish Vocational Services and the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce to provide refugees with disposable cameras in order to document their daily lives.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Gray Back said...

More fucking Mormons.

Put um on the fire department and Raytown PD. Don't take a fucking picture of their sorry asses.

Give them a Civil Service Job.

Gray Back said...

Refugee & Immigrant Services & Empowerment (RISE) is that like Black Lives Matter, Rainbow Coalition or Rev. Al?

Killa City has more fucking not-for-profit groups than any city including Washington D.C.

How about starting the Send Yo Money to Gray Back who works his fucking ass off paying these taxes in Killa City and Jackson County.

Muh Dick

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that a "Refugee Pornography Series" is a marvelous idea! Perhaps the outlook of newer arrivals in this city will bring a fresh vision to an Art Form that has become far too stale and repetitive. I applaud the Kansas City Public Library's boldness in developing this idea and their courage in facing the inevitable criticism that such a controversial project will engender!

What's that? PHOTOGRAPHY?
Oh Crap, not that again?
Who cares about that tired old boring repetitive junk any more?

Anonymous said...

Swerve to miss a parked car!? Stay off your frigging phone a-hole.

Anonymous said...


When Vikki boarded the jet and approached me exclaiming, "I believe you're in my seat!", I ask her to hold that line of thought until after we'd consummated our mile-high flight together!!!

Anonymous said...

great , pics of Somalians that ruined taxi service migrating over to ruining uber service , one skill , & that is to drive a car half-assedly you offer to America, THANKS !!!