Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kansas Budget Still Busted As Guv Brownback Legacy Haunts Struggling Red State Economy

Turns out that the Sunflower State is too boring to become a destination and VOODOO ECONOMICS only works for the beneficiaries of corporate welfare. Check politicos from both sides of the aisle trying to work toward a solution and lower expectations:

Did Recent Tax Hikes Fix the Kansas Budget?

After wrestling with deficits for years, Kansas lawmakers bit the bullet this past spring and agreed to undo many of the 2012 tax cuts. The question now is whether that will fix the state budget. Lawmakers will get a better idea of the state's financial situation after new revenue numbers are released early next month.

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Anonymous said...

Another case of "Too little, too late" apparently. Try quadrupling the Corporate Tax Rate and eliminating all Corporate Exemptions for five years!
That would help to make up some of the free ride "Corps" have been getting in Kansas for decades, while the workers, and especially the Farmers, had to tote the load. It's about time they started carrying a bit of the burden