Thursday, September 14, 2017


Lowtech junk handouts inspire an encouraging response from our favorite 2nd-choice Sunflower State University:

White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

Kansas State is speaking out after posters promoting white nationalism were plastered around on campus.


The victims of Fredrick Scott said...

So what?

There is La Raza, Black Lives Matter, etc. etc. with all of the "special" organizations that get a pass from the media in the tapestry of diversity that Progressives want so bad.

Open border Progressives want it both ways as always. If in fact, their are, or should not be any borders and anyone can go anywhere, then the fact that .08% of the world's population is white, would dictate that Whites should benefit from as government programs and most certainly be encouraged in this day and age of Progressive Identity Politics, to organize under the exact same auspices as their far more numerous counterparts.


I know, that we all, certainly our families wish, that their had been a far greater emphasis on protecting us from the Black on White Hate Crimes that are ubiquitous and killed us.

We were killed, during the last 2 years, in Black on White HATE CRIMES!

Anonymous said...

Another setup just at missloser school in Columbia, the blacks put out those pamphlets to keep stirring the pot. There is proof of this just ask the white students that go there

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:15PM(chuck) Progressives didn't kill you. Deranged people killed you. Try as you might, you will never sell the faulty logic of a Progressive death wish for whites. You are now, always have been, and always will be just another garden variety bigot. You long to craft a "narrative" that gives credence to your faulty premise of some mythical "agenda" that validates your hatred and ignorance. Sure, you will get a few of the dim-bulbs who infest this site to agree with you, but like you, they are mentally defective degenerates. Like the cockroaches you all are, you scatter when the light is shined on you. We see you chuck.

chuck said...

" Try as you might, you will never sell the faulty logic of a Progressive death wish for whites"

Sure I will. I do it every day. It doesn't take much effort either. Progressives, ESPECIALLY black Progressives, come right out and say it all the time.

Oh, and by the way, those folks listed, the victims of Fredrick Scott, are fuckin dead at the hand of a Black that was taught to hate whites. That dumb fuck couldn't hit his ass with both hands in a contest for a new Escalade. He was programmed to "Hate Whitey". There is a categorical straight line trail of blood, from Indian Creek Trail to Progressive rhetoric and then back again to the bodies of the dead.

They are D.E.A.D.

Now that gets the attention of even us "dim bulbs".

Shine all the light you want mutherfucker.

Dr. Kevorkian said...

"Chuck": There is an easy way out of your misery. .44 to the temple, my fried. No more worries, no crazed fantasies of dark-skinned humans trying to get you. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Not much doubt who really put up those posters. It's the same M.O. that the campus left has used elsewhere, to get the peasants in a lather so they'll willingly show up later for an orchestrated "demonstration" with silly slogans on signs and moronic chants.

Anonymous said...

Ya gonna bark all day little anonymous doggie, or, you gonna bite?

Who is hiding from the light?

Not "Chuck".

Anonymous said...

^^^ the Chuck Hater is the biggest, baddest mofo in the history of the world - just ask him.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, 4:10, he is well aware that he's a pimple faced pencil neck, and hates himself for that.

my butt hurts said...

There is La Raza. Black Lives Matter. etc. etc. With all of the "special" organization's, that get a pass from the media. In the tappestry, of diversity, that Progressives want so bad.

There is a trail of blood, from Indian Creek Trail. To Progressive rhetoric, and then back again. To the body's of the dead.


Anonymous said...

Ur butt hurts from all that black cock faggot.

Anonymous said...

Chuck: you got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny I didn't hear these preppie little libtards talk smack about those commie looking flags.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hater 9:01, are you still drunk?