Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Kansas City Late Night Look

Hottie Lucy inspires our late night obsession with all things local. Take a look at some of the latest links we're checking for our late night, swing shift and early morning readers:

Pricey Infrastructure Repair

Metro couple on hook for costly sewer repair

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A metro couple could be on the hook for costly repairs after experiencing a sewage backup in their home. A plumber dug a hole to investigate the pipe, but after digging into city property, the costs of repairs have been transferred from the city to the plumber and the couple.

Eternally Long Term Parking

Body found inside vehicle in KCI parking lot, police investigating

Police are investigating a death at the parking lot of the Kansas City International Airport. Officers arrived on scene at around 8 p.m. and discovered a deceased victim inside a vehicle. Airport police alerted officers to a vehicle that was emitting a foul odor. The cause of death has not been released.

Nasty Signage In The Stix

Sign advertising 'Slaves 4 Sale' rocks Liberty neighborhood

LIBERTY, Mo. -- People who live in the neighborhood near Liberty Plaza woke up to a sign advertising "Slaves 4 Sale" hanging over a Confederate battle flag at Richard Geisenheyner's home. Geisneheyner says the sign is a reaction to being treated like a racist because he flies the flag in front of his home.

More Social Than Tech In Kansas City

With a Boulevard in hand, Techweek pours into KC

Hundreds of techies, innovators and entrepreneurs converged in Kansas City for the third annual Techweek KC conference, which launched Monday and runs through Friday. The Chicago-based conference series, which focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, returned to the City of Fountains for a five-day conference, expo and festival.

Local Heroism Remembered

Once stranded young fans who are now men, 'Kansas City 8' thank Amos Otis for help during 'Plaza Flood'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's been 40-years since the historic "Plaza Flood" where two-dozen victims lost their lives. The Royals game that night was canceled, and a star of the past found himself at a hotel near the stadium. Four decades ago, Royals fans chanted "A-O" for outfield favorite Amos Otis.

Golden Ghetto Sacrilege

For fifth time, Overland Park church damaged by vandals

A pastor at the Christ Lutheran Church in Overland Park is asking for help after the church was vandalized for a fifth time. The prayer garden was damaged for a second time in as many weeks. The church on Nieman Road has been struck by vandals five times over the past couple months, with the most recent incident happening last Saturday.

Celebrate Fake Gronk Front Man

Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce is face of Chiefs organization

When the Sunday Night Football theme song started rolling during the Cowboys/Giants game, I was a little surprised to see that the Kansas City Chiefs actually had a player FEATURED in the opening montage. Normally this is the NFL's chance to shove guys like Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Russell Wilson down our throats.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Better name: Credit that guy who came up with "Great Value" Gronk. Has a nicer ring to it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

"...reaction to being treated like a racist..."

He is a racist. The Confederate Battle Flag is the flag of white supremacy.

Anonymous said...

Good for Mr Geisenheyner !!!
He set up, just like the rest of us. He made his statement and now he took it down. Anybody still crying about it need something to fucking cry and bitch about. It is over now, done,finished. I would have left it up a lot longer. Fuck all you pansies. Find a problem find an issue Worth Fighting For.

Anonymous said...

*fed up* !!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

We're becoming a fascist country, again. Our domestic policy is white supremacy & our foreign policy is xenophobia. Our official state religion is Christianity. Der Fuhrer asked Joel Olsteen to pray for Mar-Del-Largo. When he was criticized for not opening it up as a storm center, his son answered with one word "Narrative". I'm not sure what he meant by that (that's not really an answer), or why "Cosmopolitan" is considered an insult. Now that we have a Fascist Dictator, I have a whole new batch of code words to learn.

Anyway, even though non-whites are now officially second class citizens, they're still expected to stand for the national anthem, & salute the white man's flag.

While you're living out your white man's fantasy, don't expect everyone else to just stand around whistling Dixie, & if you deport 80,000 children you're assholes & don't think I, & others, won't tell you so.

Anonymous said...

Please don't mistakenly think that we give a flying fuck what you think Byron.

Anonymous said...

Byron knows that the real instrument of white supremacy is PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

They eliminate more Black Lives every MONTH than the KKK did in its WHOLE LIFE.

Those OLD WHITE MEN on the SUPREME COURT knew what they were doing when they made it legal.

Who ya kiddin, "Byron".

Anonymous said...

Byron is repeating Fake News reports.

Which fits, since Byron is not real.

Anonymous said...

Byron, the Blacks are eliminating over a third of their own unborn EVERY YEAR.

There are probably at least Thirty MILLION less Blacks than there would have been without the License To Kill granted by the OLD WHITE MEN on the Supreme Court.

Their percentage of the population thru abortion, combined with shooting, overdosing, and impotence from alcoholism is decreasing steadily.

Combine that with the increased preference for interacial reproduction, and by the middle of this century they will no longer be a problem.

Cuz they won't exist as they do now.

The ones not eliminated by the above will be absorbed.

Bye Bye.

Anonymous said...

It is Harvest Time here in Missouri and across the country. Byron will be enjoying the fruits of white men's hard earned bounty, as he does year-round actually. But he'll still bitch and try to distance himself from being white. That's What I Call fucked-up like a Soup Sandwich. Do you ever think of it and these terms Byron?? You and all the jigs will enjoy the fruits in this great country, but as always, you will hate us..... scratching my head.

Anonymous said...

I was working in the hood yesterday in an all black neighborhood that had one white family that flies the American flag and the Confederate flag and not one person was offended by it, you hear that Byron? Not one person. This is all a bunch of hype to divide people by creating a problem when there is none. My daughter has at least a dozen friends that go to mu and about a month ago someone was putting out leaflets to join some white supremacy group or something like that and guess what, it was a group of black kids that did it because they were paid to do it. You didn't see that part make the news now did you. People actually have this recorded on their cell phones and I've seen it. C'mon Byron tell the truth, are you one of those people too???

Anonymous said...

Right, 6:04. I believe you. No one ever lies on the internet.

Anonymous said...

For a blind man Byron sure spends a lot of time on the internet reading when he isn't watching CNN. if that isn't fraud I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Byron you are the fascist in this country, you and your white hatred are fueling unrest in the country. You point a finger at white people and you are the one full of hatred too.

Get your facts straight, there has been more black on white killings than white on black.

BTW learn what a fascist is, a great example would be your Hillary and Obama, the ISIS sympathizers, and the world order sympathizers, who want us under the governments orders on how much food we can eat and when we can take a shit.

Non whites are second class citizens because that's what you people choose, and yes they, including yourself should stand for the National Anthem. Non whites have had the upper hand for long enough and we aren't going to stand for it any longer. No more walking on egg shells around you people.

If you don't like it here GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

6:25 your an idiot

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You just did!

Anonymous said...

Who the HELL is the Byron guy?

Is he real? He talks like a member of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. They hate everything too.

Anybody know?

Anonymous said...

He is Tony. Tony just can not fucking stand to allow opinions that are not his to go unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible that Honest Abe was wrong.

my butt hurts said...

Non white's are second class citizens. Becuase that's what you people choose. And yes they, including yourself, should stand for the National Anthem. Non white's have had the upper hand. For long enough and we arent going to stand, for it any longer. No more walking on egg shell's, around you people.

If you dont like it here. GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing of this whole mess it that the Idiot's not flying the Confederate Battle Flag! That flag, as anyone who truly knows anything about the Confederacy, WAS SQUARE, not a RECTANGLE!

The rag these "Southern Pride" clowns fly, wear, and stick over rust patches on their GMC Thunderalpo Pick-Em-Up Trucks; was invented, as far as any researcher can find, in 1915 by D. W. Griffith for the movie "Birth Of A Nation", fifty years after the Confederacy ceased to exist!