Friday, September 29, 2017

Pitch Partisan Publishing Ploy Persists

Local print mag newsies don't realize that social media is already clogged with left/right slap-fighting:

Gov. Eric Greitens uses many faces on social media, probably hates yours

If there's a shady way to do a simple thing, you know you can depend on former Navy Seal and part-time stuntman Eric Greitens to find it. Missouri's action-figure governor has assiduously copied some of President Donald Trump's most effective plays, especially when it comes to advancing a deeply cynical personal brand.


Anonymous said...

so this is news?

why didn't you publish this:

Greedo said...

^^^ Because you just did and it's just more left/right pablum.

Cashill is just as much of a paid hack as the Pitch. That's what I like about TKC.


Anonymous said...

Greitens is HOT!
Who cares what he thinks or does? He is GREAT eye candy.

Anonymous said...

^^^ YES!

Anonymous said...

greitens is smart and clever.

hope he evolves.

Anonymous said...

Confrontational persona???? Not willing to take criticism?????

Seems to me Trump has taken a shitload of criticism and if people don't like his lashing out that's too bad.

But I guess it's O.K. to show Trump with a severed head and to kneel at the flag because you don't like cops, and even talk about assassination, and on and on.

Greitens just isn't going to take any crap, like nixon did when he went and hide like a frightened little wimp when Ferguson went down.


Anonymous said...

More libtard bullshit from KCs premier wannabe media expert.

Anonymous said...

^^^ And that's what keeps you reading on a Friday night because you don't have any friends.

Irony said...

^^^ Pot meet kettle.


Real KC said...

A news story on somebody Twitter blocking? Really??? That's all they've got?

Anonymous said...

9:23 Well Tony, I come here and collect media data because the world knows you are the ghetto's answer to Walter Conkrite.