Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kansas City September Night Ruckus

For our late night readers and lurkers, check this quick outline of the issues which confront Kansas City from the GOLD STANDARD of local political talk.


"Mike Shanin talks to James Willbanks about collaborating with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick on the new documentary about the Vietnam War. Then Mike Sanders, Lisa Johnston, Steve Rose and Laura McConwell discuss concerns about the November vote on KCI, the strongest candidates in the 2018 race for Kansas Governor and President Trump's action on Obama's Executive Order pertaining to deferred action for childhood arrivals."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Good advice said...

NO in November.

Learn it.

Love it.


Anonymous said...

^^^ Fix is already in. It's a do-over for Burns & Mac. You heard it here first.


LZ said...

Airport is a scam. Just an excuse to loot.

Anonymous said...

Steve Rose never served his country.

Anonymous said...

10:11, I notice you gank one persons original Rhymes and witty retorts. Not a huge thing, but it would be nice if you would get your own game together instead of biting on one person in particular mad nadds... the last one up above that you used isn't particularly funny or anything but it's not yours and I've noticed on several occasions you ganking my shit.. if you have no game, homes, then sit it out , thanks in advance for your cooperation,Gameless in KC.