Friday, September 01, 2017

Kansas City Royals 2017 Conclusion

Countdown and only 28 years until the home team wins "takes the crown" again. Checkit:

Kansas City Royals: Season Hinges on This Weekend

This is the weekend the Kansas City Royals decide how the rest of their season plays out. If they lose this series in Minnesota, they won't be making the playoffs. They won't even be in the conversation any more.


Anonymous said...

Oh, they will still be in the cosversation how they got nothing for Moose, Hosmer and Cain. And how they gave their money to Gordon and Soira. And how they got nothing for Wade Davis. And how cheap of a cocksucker Glass is.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Next week can't get here fast enough!

I won't have to listen to my wife and her daily stats.

I quit giving a fuck about baseball when the players went on strike FOR THE SECOND TIME years ago.