Monday, September 04, 2017

Kansas City Monday Labor Day Links

We're not quite back to the grind today but and so this hottie in yoga pants exemplifies our pace this morning and inspires this quick review of local news. Checkit:

Careful Walking Kansas City

Police: It's been a deadly year for pedestrians on roadways

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It has been a deadly 24 hours on Kansas City roads with two people killed and one injured in auto-pedestrian collisions. The first one happened just after 10 p.m. Saturday. Missouri Highway Patrol says Francisco Corchado, 32, of Kansas City, Kansas, was walking down the road on I-435 and Parvin Rd, when he was hit by an SUV.

Kansas City Pain @ The Pump

Gas prices are up in KC since Hurricane Harvey. How long will they keep climbing?

Kansas City drivers felt the pinch at the pump as gas prices continued their climb Sunday in the Kansas City area and across the nation, reaching their highest level of the year. Gas prices shot up after Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas and its oil refineries a little over a week ago.

Suburban Comeback

Family stuck on roof in flood waters for hours now working to rebuild

The family who were stuck on the roof of their Overland Park home while flood waters rose around them Aug. 22 are trying hard to return to normal life with some help. Yahir VanVollenhoven and his family have been organizing, cleaning and rebuilding for the past two weeks.

Lady Politicos Do It Better

Study Finds Women See Female Lawmakers As More Competent, Having More Integrity

This year has brought with it a wave of women interested in running for office, particularly among Democrats. And though Republicans have seen less of a wave, Congress has gained one GOP woman already this year: Georgia's Karen Handel.

Kansas City Mathematically Plausible

After getting call check swing, Cain lifts Royals over Twins

Given a second chance after a check swing call went his way on a two-strike pitch, Lorenzo Cain gave the Kansas City Royals' playoff hopes a lift. Cain hit a go-ahead, two-run triple in the seventh inning Sunday in a 5-4 win over the Minnesota Twins.

Styx - Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Killer tune...
Royals = playoffs = hardy-har!

Anonymous said...

Female lawmakers have more integrity?

Clinton? McCasKILL? Pelosi?

All fucking millionaires sucking off the people.

Perhaps no worse than the men, but certainly not better.

Anonymous said...

Read books and articles about the 2008 financial collapse and who is responsible. There is one thing noticeably absent: women.

Anonymous said...

^^ Great point !!

Anonymous said...

Yea them nasty ones don't count...just like the ones in Kansas City Local Lying Hall..

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Maxine Waters

Anonymous said...

What the hell do women know about integrity??? Spend 10 minutes watching a divorce in court and you'll throw that notion out the window.