Monday, September 11, 2017

Kansas City Low Tax Wake-Up Call!!!

An early morning guide to tax fighter activism under the new regime. Here's more deets:

Simple, Fair and Low Taxes - Kansas City Policy Breakfast

This year, Governor Eric Greitens created the Committee on Simple, Fair and Low Taxes to evaluate Missouri's tax policies and tax credit programs and make detailed recommendations for reform. This presentation provides a first-hand account of the committee's work and what it means for Missourians.


Anonymous said...

KCMO is just the place to have a meeting about low taxes.
Participants can pay $1.00/hour for parking, 11% sales taxes on purchases, extra taxes for rental cars and hotel rooms, the 1% earnings tax, and any other fees that might be hidden in one invoice or another.
And be sure to hit the P&L District so that you can get some mileage out of the $15 million/year that comes out of the city's general fund.
And now you're all set and in the mood to discuss an intelligent, well-balanced, and equitable tax system that funds the basic services that residents need and want.
Sometimes real contrasts can focus the mind.

Byron Funkhouser said...

They'll cut taxes all across the board & when there is no tax revenue coming in they will cut non-essential (meaning anything that doesn't apply to rich people) spending. You should just accept your fate, & prepare for the coming austerity. Forget about schools, rich people don't need public schools, so to them its just wasted revenue. Same with social services; rich people don't need those either, just wasted revenue. No road work; rich people fly. Public assistance, anti-poverty measures & social services, not happening.

But, on the bright side, rich people will have lots more money to hire Indian workers in India to manufacture cheap goods that no one can afford, so the advertisers will have lots of work convincing people that they just have to have this junk.

Isn't capitalism just grand?

Anonymous said...

toilet paper and fast internet.
Luxuriating in my white supremacy.

The Truth of the Matter said...

Byron you ignorant slut you didn't even read the story so fuck you and stay the fuck out of our business.