Saturday, September 09, 2017

City Hall Flying Blind: Kansas City New Airport Single-Terminal Design REALLY Out Of Sight

Throughout this process, elected officials consider A MASSIVE PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT THE VOTING PUBLIC HASN'T SEEN.

And so, here's the latest tidbit regarding a lack of transparency in a process that was mostly a horrific circus. Checkit:

Edgemoor Says Design For New KCI Terminal Will Come After Approval From KC Council

For those excited to look at designs for what could potentially be Kansas City's new airport, you may be waiting a while. The team recommended by a selection committee to design, build and finance a new, single-terminal - led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate - says the design should come collaboratively, by engaging with the city and its residents.


Anonymous said...

Lets pass this bill so we can see what's in it

Anonymous said...

Why a single terminal? Sounds ridiculous for a town that desperately wants to be a BiG CiTy!!!!!

Hyperblogal said...

As soon as you buy my painting, I'll let you see it.

Super Dave said...

^^^^^That is a fact

Anonymous said...

sounds like edgemoor is selling a pig in a poke

Anonymous said...

the losers are showing themselves to be bad sports.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Edgemoor is selling TO a pig in a poke.
These serious national companies recognize an easy mark when they see it, and KCMO is fast becoming a national joke for real developers.
It started with the Cordish deal on the P&L District in which the city guaranteed the bonds and the Baltimore company got the profits.
That clever deal will cost the general fund around $15 million/year through 2030.
You have to wonder how many really really exciting good deals like that a little town of less than 500K can afford.
When you look around the table and don't see the mark, it's YOU.
Right, Sly?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kickback City.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Ole Town, Dirty Ole Town

Anonymous said...

Do I understand this deal correctly -- After the city council anoints the "winner" they will show us the drawings of the Brownsville Texas airport and we will start building it here in Kansas City?