Thursday, September 07, 2017

Already Convicted In The Media, Kansas City Indian Creek Killer Suspect First Day In Court

Fact is . . . There's already a "down low" defense touted by the newspaper that mental illness and other "suspicious" factors might mitigate the sensational narrative already put on blast to the gullible all over the world. Take a look:

Indian Creek Murder suspect appears in courtroom full of victim's family members

Frederick Scott appeared in court Thursday. He's the man accused in two murders, and suspected in three others. Four of those five crimes happened along Kansas City's Indian Creek Trail. The family of victim Mike Darby is convinced Scott is responsible for his murder.


Anonymous said...

If Jean Petersucker Baker actually gets a conviction, she will request tough probation for the murderer. Jean Petersucker is a stupid snivelling cunt.

Anonymous said...

Worst he'll get from mean Jean is a few years in prison followed by probation, during which he'll kill again. Jean is worthless as tits on a snake and is largely to blame for the skyrocketed crime in KCMO.

Anonymous said...

We are going to see a lot of dirty stuff and character assassination from his defense. There are already those on this site who have trashed these middle aged, mostly married white men. They were cruising at a gay hookup sight. Coach's was a gay bar (not true, it was designed for a more mature crowd, not gay). It was a great place to arrange drug deals (not true). Loose women and hookers frequented it (also not true). It had a 3:00 license, and the kitchen was open until 2:00 AM, so I am sure it attracted an eclectic crowd after midnight. But it was a quiet respectable place during the day and the dinner hour. This poor, innocent Negro was the victim of racial discrimination and justifiably hated all old white men. He had been approached by gay men on the trail. Let's see what else his defense team can do to destroy the character of 5 middle aged white men. It has just begun, and I know it is going to be a painful experience for these men's families and the people who knew them.

Anonymous said...

237: other than an attempt to use a 'gay panic' defense for a single victim all that information would either be irrelevant or would hurt his chances of not being convicted of first degree murder.

I don't think Gay Panic has even worked as a defense since the height of the AIDS scare.