Friday, August 04, 2017


More insight into the confusion surrounding the upcoming election . . . Where it just might be easier to vote NO on everything.

Take a look:

Clay Chastain...City's deliberately misleading and fraudulent ballot language (Question #2) needs to be clarified for the voters

The City is set to place deliberately misleading, vague and fraudulent ballot language (Ballot Question #2) before Kansas City voters on Tuesday. The City's ballot language does not reflect the intent, or the "substance," of the transit petition proposal signed in behalf of by 2,500 voters and described in the enabling part of City Ordinance No. 170043 ("pages 4 and 5").

The City merely calls the petition proposal (Ballot Question #2) a plan to "extend the streetcar system" (and voters must assume, how it operates slowly in traffic) in "several different directions", which "might" include electric bus service This City-sponsored ballot language is blatantly false and misleading. The original petition proposal actually calls to "transform" the City's streetcar system into a citywide "rapid rail" / electric bus system along 4 specific routes to 4 specific destinations!

(The City Attorney) correctly clarified the City, if Ballot Question #2 is approved by voters, is legally obligated to implement the original petition ballot language as described on the petition's face and in the enabling part of the petition ordinance. And not, the vague, distorted and deliberately misleading plan the City has now fraudulently placed before the voters of Kansas City, Missouri.

This attempt by the City, the City's legal department and Mayor Sly James to compromise the democratic integrity of a Kansas City, Missouri Election, by dishonestly attempting to confuse voters and manipulate the outcome of an election, should be exposed by the Kansas City Star and reported to the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

Kansas City's secretive, back room dealing government - led by Mayor Sly James- does not want the people to vote on anything. And when the people manage to get a vote on a petition proposal, the City makes sure they sabotage the ballot language.

Clay Chastain

You decide . . . 


Anonymous said...

clay asstain also rages against his sister for not letting him crash on her couch since she publicly admitted that he's a nutjob and needs to go back to Virginia

Anonymous said...

Vote Yes on 1. Vote NO on 2. It does not matter on 3 this is a state issue not a KC issue.

Anonymous said...

How many times does Clay have to have the city council pull the football away by changing his ballot language to assure his idea's failure before he goes home and leaves everybody alone?
Between an amateurish and inept group of elected officials and Chastain's meanderings, KCMO looks like a carnival.
In fact, it IS a carnival.
The laughingstock of the mid-west.

Hyperblogal said...

Question 3 is contrary to state law. Questions 1 and 2 will be ignored by City Hall if passed. What a great election.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hyper, but vote YES on One anyway - maybe someone in City Hall has a few scraps of conscience and a wisp of a sense of shame left and Passage of Question One might cause them at least an uncomfortable second or two.