Thursday, August 03, 2017


For tonight, here's a masterfully crafted, powerful and clever consideration from a top denizen of our blog community. Checkit:

Chuck: Donald Trump Is Now Officially A Ham Sandwich

With the impaneling today, of a Grand Jury, by Robert Mueller and his cadre of Clinton Lawyer Loyalists, Donald Trump is looking straight down the bureaucratic barrel of the Deep State's biglyest gun. The ostensibly "impartial" Special Counsel, has girded his staff with lawyers who are Democrat Party contributors and even a lawyer who was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation. The appointments at the time, were noteworthy not because they revealed the obvious partisan make up of the crew looking into "Russian Collusion" but for the implications for Trump and Americans interested in how Washington DC really works.

Think about it, no one with the power (Mueller and advisers.), to appoint these Democrat sympathizers, worried about those famous "optics". The Left Wing Media trumpeted the impartiality and reputation of Mueller while FOX News and the smattering of Conservative counterparts cowered down and parroted the MSNBC talking points with few exceptions. The Gold Fish in my grandchildren's fish bowl shook their heads and commiserated over the obvious significance of not only the expected outcome, but, the degree to which Deep State, unelected government administrators and functionaries control the American public and the money that is arrogated from them. Had the Republicans hired, with no exception, right wing lawyers, some of which had worked for Ted Cruz to investigate malfeasance from ANY Democrats, the wailing, gnashing of teeth and tumult would have brought the entire nation to a standstill.

Trump, love him or hate him, now swims alone in a maelstrom full of sharks who smell the blood in the water.

America and Americans on a regular basis, "interfere" with foreign elections. Obama interfered with BiBi Netanyaho's election. John McCain was in city center square, in 2013, after America overthrew the Democratically Elected President of the Ukraine. He was pictured cheering on the destruction of the electoral process in a foreign country for all to see. Vietnam, Iran, the list is endless.

There are categorical, straight line references from Russia to the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta. I bring this up, not to argue over the benefits of selling 26% of our Uranium to Russia in a shady deal that enriched the Clintons, but to accentuate that these behind the scenes maneuvers were and are, public knowledge. No one, that I know of, has offered up any evidence of anything that even approaches the chicanery on the left, in comparison to the accusations placed on the right. This double standard, is evident and yet, there is no penalty for these misdeeds.

If the left brings down this presidency on specious charges of Russian "Interference" in our elections, which go unproven yet begat charges for financial misdeeds, there will be blow back. Serious, serious blow back. I think, that in a nation, already divided, courtesy of the Hope and Change lies from our last POTUS, the nullification of the election of Donald Trump will result in pernicious and pervasive unrest from coast to coast.

I am assuming, that this Grand Jury was impaneled in Salem.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck is a good writer, but that doesn't mean he's right.

Der Fuhrer has committed treason.

If he were a Democrat, the Republicans would have already started impeachment proceedings against him.

Every day we are presented with new evidence of his mental illness, his incompetence & his megalomania.

Chuck, like most Republicans, refuses to see this objectively.

For the good of the country, he needs to be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

Byron knows Chuck is right. President Trump is guilty of bad manners but not treason.

For the good of the country Byron should stop wasting our money

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Malevolent Marmalade Man gets along well with Putin, and tells other world leaders that this is the case.

"If you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that,” Mr. Trump said.

The call with Mr. Turnbull was even more testy as the president complained about what he called “a disgusting deal” that Australia had sealed with President Barack Obama in which the United States agreed to consider accepting up to 1,250 economic refugees. Mr. Trump complained that he would look “so foolish” doing so after barring refugees from the rest of the world.

“I have had it,” Mr. Trump snapped toward the end of the call. “I have been making these calls all day, and this is the most unpleasant call all day. Putin was a pleasant call. This is ridiculous.”"

Super Dave said...

Funny that a few people I know who don't care for Trump are starting to get sick and tired of the witch hunt being carried on against the Trump family.

If half this much energy was applied to investigating the Clinton's and Obama's, indictments would have a been handed down to both.

If Congress and the House both was forced to use Obama Care as it is you would see it repealed in record time.

The working class of people put Trump in the White House, the lowlifes who want it all handed to them like Byron are against Trump.

In the end who do you think is really going to win?

The working class will because as history has shown in the past they always do.

Anonymous said...

Donald is dead? Good deal!

Anonymous said...

Chuck is on target. He makes an astute, if unintentional, reference to the Salem Witch Trials(witch hunts). There is a common element between what is happening now and then.

Anyone unfamiliar with the background of the Salem trials should reference Arthur Miller's "Crucible." Very well presented in the film of the same name with Daniel Day Lewis and Wynona Ryder.

The accusations were totally false and fabricated by young girls under the occult influences of a servant woman. Check it out!

Byron Funkhouser said...

BTW, we IMPORT enriched uranium from Russia.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that Trump has asshole cancer, I mean he was getting ready to get Fired anyway so goodbye .Trump I hope it hurts.

Anonymous said...

That's right Tony, give the biggest nutjob the loudest voice.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I see this very objectively
Just as the whitewater investigation was about getting anything they could on Clinton, this is the sane thing with trump
When Allen Dershowitz says there is no crime here to warrent an investigation, it does t matter because the objective is to make sure no ever runs for office again who believes that America should come first and that we are not the dumping ground for the worlds failure to take care of their own people
Please tell me what actual crime was commited. I'll wait

Anonymous said...

I liked the post, but you must go deeper to understand what is at play here. Let's review some facts:

1) Though running and winning as a Republican nominee, due to our corrupt 2-party stranglehold, President Trump is actually an independent. This places him in a particularly difficult spot because he has both Democrats and Republicans fighting to derail him. Witness the brain-damaged Republican Senator McCain who stabbed the President in the back on the healthcare vote.

2) The non-stop Democratic Party attack against Trump since election night, and the Liberal Democrat Media cooperating in the attack is primarily designed to keep Trump permanently on the defensive, so as not to be able to accomplish his stated agenda. If he's kept playing defense against a daily barrage of attacks, the opposition hopes to take back control of Congress before he nullifies the bulk of Obama's legacy.

3) Recall that former President Obama broke with tradition and has remained in Washington, D.C., meeting with Valerie Jarrett and other political operatives to work against President Trump.

4) Besides trying to tie Trump's hands politically, the Russia-Russia-Russia fake news story is an attempt to co-opt Trump's reluctance to march in lockstep to the Council On Foreign Relations/Deep State constant warfare agenda. They still plan to take down Syria, North Korea and Iran, after already scratching off Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, and Somalia.

5) I've seen no evidence whatsoever that Trump or his close associates were colluding in any way with Russia. As of now, this still appears to be a fabrication for political attack purposes. The warhawks in both parties do not like the idea of Trump pursuing peaceful relations with Russia. The status quo is intent on continuing to antagonize Russia both economically and militarily. Energy companies and the military-industrial complex make billions of dollars annually by keeping Russia as a boogeyman.

6) Former FBI director and 9/11/01 enabler Robert Mueller was placed into position just before 9/11 by GWBush to protect his ass. He did such a good job that Obama kept him on beyond the normal 10-year term. Mueller is a legal consigliere for political crime families, and he's now been tasked with going after the Trump family, who are outsiders.

7) Coming from a background in NYC real estate, which is dominated by wealthy Jewish interests, Trump knows a lot about the political skeletons crammed into the Bush, Clinton, and Obama families. It's part of the reason why he successfully trashed Jeb Bush during the 2016 primaries. He has to walk a tightrope, but can fend off the political attacks from the Democrats and Republicans, while not revealing too much of the real truth, for that would truly make him a liability that must be dealt with. Both sides can live with compromise, but that means Trump won't be allowed to make big changes to the status quo. And that means the American public will be disappointed once more.

Public Service Announcement said...

And Byron's own home state just went against him.

Democratic Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia announced his plans to change his political party affiliation and join the GOP at a rally in Huntington with President Donald Trump on Thursday night.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Then why did Hillary sell it to them? I forgot. The Clinton foundation needed a donation

Anonymous said...

President TRUMP is playing chess in 3 - D , the chump panzie Candy as LIBERAL BITCH TRANNY douchebag pieces of shit are just playing with EACH OTHER , and really getting off on it ¡! MOST likely that the most the Homo puppets LIBERAL Democrats will find is Manafort doing his with the Ruskies !!¡¡

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of silly ass drama! Let us assume that a grand jury has the authority to bring an indictment against a sitting President, which it does not, the hilarious part of this is that the libtards spin it as if Meuller called them up and told them exactly what the grand jury was about and who was the subject of the inquiry. Before you kids get sucked into more of this bullshit how about you wait and see what the grand jury is really about. I seriously doubt Trumps business dealings are teh subject of teh grand jury given that none of his business records or family business associates have be interviewed concerning business dealing by Meuller or teh FBI. I am all for putting a crook away, but these trips to the dreamer twilight zone are just not justified based on what is actually happening. Before you libtarts cream your jeans you might want to sit back and see if you can handle a few facts instead of sucking tit on the party spin.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Super grandmaster wizard above posters 10:10 and 10:12 , way to keep all the LIBERAL Democrat bullshit in perspective ! Most that will come out of the worthless piece of shit investigation in Flynn's slap on the wrist and Manafort being told not to do biz with the Ruskies again ¡!¡!

Anonymous said...

Tick tick tick tock

Anonymous said...

This country's top prosecutors will follow the facts and the money. You can squeeze tight to the witch hunt meme all you want, but facts win out. Not even Republicans with any sense of decency want Trump around.

Anonymous said...

Why does Trump act like he wants to bang his daughter?

Anonymous said...

You know I think it's because well I don't think I know Trump has been banging his daughter since they were very little girls and if you'll notice Ivanka wants nothing to do with him she kind of shies away from him pushes him away she's had it with the mother fucker. he's a monster a fucking pedophile monster who fucks his own daughters. I'm so glad he has ass cancer I hope it hurts Don I hope it hurts real bad.

The Truth of the Matter said...

Only cancer I see is the last two comments for sure.

Anonymous said...

11:24 if your comments back up you profession of desiring "facts"... In libtardeeze - facts are what I say they are.... and that is the real issue here.

Anonymous said...

5:34 This is your brain on libtard bullshit! Slick dick Bill never touched Chelsea because she is the ugliest mother fucker God ever strung a gut through. Otherwise he would have made Hilliary watch.

Hyperblogal said...

The blood in the water is from trumps self-cutting.

Chuck the Smelly Dog Turd said...

Chuck has the IQ of a fucking ant. God.