Monday, August 07, 2017

Pitch Ponders $15 Kansas City Minimum Wage

Interesting because this article, thankfully admits the results of the election on Question #3 won't matter because of Missouri law . . . And because $15-per-hour is a lot more than their freelancers make. Checkit:

Tuesday's minimum-wage question is still real to the workers who don't make enough money

Fights to increase the minimum wage have been waged across the country the past few years. But in few places has the struggle been as bitter, or as confusing, as what has unfolded in Missouri. In late June, Missouri Gov.


Anonymous said...

I will vote no. They don't deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Finally an article that tells everyone that they can vote yes on $15 and hour but it's useless because Missouri won't recognize it.

Why didn't the lady work on looking for another job in all of the years she worked at Burger King? Did she not know those jobs are jobs that go nowhere? Why didn't that lady work up to manager of a Burger King? All those years she should have been able to run the place. What about classes on off time to better herself?

I don't buy this story, and if the wage was increased to $15 an hour think about the domino effect it would have.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

I've had high paying jobs and minimum paying. When you need a job, find work. Period. Here's a new spin. Charities abound. Cut backs every where.All fight for dollars. Say charities work the ballpark, food stand and such, 12-15 volunteers, lump sum,$15K, all games,there goes though jobs of every day folks. Charities get the money, happy customers, class with same class, better service, jobs gone from the poor. What do you think? Was mad. Now...?who wins and loses?

Anonymous said...

Some of us low wage workers DID take classes and graduated from a Post-secondary school and still got fucked by the community we live in. I took an Electronic Technology class which is a 2 year program and NEVER got a job from it and I graduated in 1995 with a lower A average (around 90%). So, this bullshit that some of us low wage workers didn't apply ourselves is again bullshit. So, telling people to just go to school will could just screw them even worse because, all they will get is a student loan debt that just sucks more money away from people who don't make it as it is.

Anonymous said...

You compete with skills. Stop crying and acquire some.