Sunday, August 13, 2017

Michael Vick Protest Aftermath: Meh

Impassioned Kansas City doggie lovers did an excellent job rallying supporters to their cause and speaking their peace productively . . . But the reality is that they might not have influenced football fans. Checkit:

Mixed reaction from Chiefs fans on Michael Vick

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some people believe that second chances in life are necessary. Former quarterback turned Chiefs coaching intern Michael Vick received a second chance from Andy Reid to play football. That chance came after Vick was arrested and convicted of Felony Dog Fighting in 2007.


Fido said...

He did his time. Can we not move on?

Super Dave said...

Arguing with animal activists is like banging your head into a wall. It serves no purpose and only makes your head hurt.

Don't like how the courts handled the Vick charges, then demand better courts.

Don't like the Chiefs hiring Vick, then don't go to the games or give the organization any money.

Standing outside Arrowhead protesting isn't going to change a damn thing and only waste your time that could be applied to much better uses.

Anonymous said...

Or pop the Asswipe yourself! Black men get killed every day in KC with no consequences! He can't hide forever, and a 30-30 from 100 yards delivers Justice pretty damn effectively!

Anonymous said...

When you're talking sports vs. real life, sports wins out every time. It's about the huge amounts of money fans are spending. Money wins out over ethical behavior. I'm against using animals in fights, but I can see the connection between our souped-up, doped out athletes and violence toward other living things. So the guy beats his girlfriend. Bitch probably deserved a punch to the head. So he mistreats animals in his spare time? Again, it's only an animal and not important. As long as he wins big in the next game, the fans are happy.

Anonymous said...

NFL minus Alcohol =...........................................?!

Super Dave said...

^^^ Empty Stands

I kid you not, I don't know one person who goes to a Chiefs game and doesn't drink.

Anonymous said...

Everything associated with the NFL is trash. The owners, coaches, players and fans; one big festering pool of human shit. Vick is a perfect example.