Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kansas City Tax Fighters Start Campaign Against Corrupt Single-Terminal Airport!!!

Mayor and Council are in the midst of the confused and sketchy airport bid selection process and this reminds us that campaign season for this complicated and mostly corrupt process is right around the corner.

To wit . . .


Check the latest statement from Kansas City Citizens For Responsible Government:

Airport-- Don't drink the cool aide! Help us raise funds!

By now we’ve all heard the hype about the “SINGLE TERMINAL” airport bids. We have the ex ballplayer out there spouting verbiage which doesn’t make sense as he pushes a “private financing” plan which will probably use bonds sold to the public. Any bond sale is a liability and a liability is a debt; the debt will be on the books of the aviation department. The aviation department is part of the city so the debt ultimately belongs to the taxpayers of KCMO; if they decide on main stream revenue bonds (which Burns & McDonnell is trying to sell as private financing)., the debt will be owed by the taxpayers. The baseball player’s commercials are false and misleading to the public). Perhaps it proves a level of incompetence? Why even talk about financing until we have a firm plan?

The good news as was pointed out in the morning paper, Burns & McDonnell original $1 - 2Billion dollar overcharge to the City of Kansas City taxpayers is now only said to be $500,000,000. That’s good and thanks to AECOM for exposing the truth. Some on the City Council had softly exposed the overage several weeks ago but nobody in the regular media picked it up.


CFRG wold like to raise $150,000 to fund a media campaign to run in October and expose the real truth about the airport bids and subsequent financing. This will take some hefty donations but we would like to use radio, TV and print media to get the message out. We know the “SINGLE TERMINAL” pushers will be spend way more than we can to get you to forget about any possibility or remodeling the existing terminals.

The only plans being considered are for a "SINGLE TERMINAL”. Jolie Justus and her airport committee do not want you to realize what they are doing. They have lulled everybody to sleep with this bid talk and now will be going for the kill shot: getting the voters to give them the blank check.

We will see the ballot language later this week but most likely it will say the same thing her ordinance says: “Give us permission to DEMOLISH ANY AND EVERY EXISTING AIRPORT TERMINAL OWNED BY KCMO TAXPAYERS”. This will include the downtown airport. Then "GIVE US PERMISSION TO BUILD A NEW SINGLE TERMINAL AIRPORT”! There will be no plan and maybe a guesstimate at the cost. The main thing they want is “YOUR PERMISSION TO DESTROY OUR EXISTING AIRPORTS AND BUILD A NEW SINGLE TERMINAL AIRPORT.” If this isn’t what you want, then a NO VOTE is the only option! There will be no firm plan presented just their attempt to get you to issue the check. NO PLAN NO VOTE!! NO-vember!!

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that an updating for a fraction of the cost is the common sense solution.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can make any money on the fraction of the cost

Unknown said...

A fraction? I say, 1/1000! That's a fraction.

Anonymous said...

I read both the AECOM and BMCD proposals that were posted online. Well I say read but most of it didn't make sense so I skimmed it. On the $400M difference AECOM had 4 terminal options and they took their cheapest option and then compared it to the worst case BMCD option and then came up with $500M overage. Both teams had options at the same price points, AECOM pulled a shady move and presented data that wasn't a direct comparison. I hope that doesn't sway the City into thinking they are getting a steal when they would probably end up with a bait and switch.

Anonymous said...

George Brett would say that I, anonymous poster: was hung like a race horse and hot women should flock to my parents basement for some rowdy rompin', could whip Chuck Norris into submission with my pinky, while simultaneously fighting a great white shark and grizzly bear. Point is, Brett will say anything on the radio or TV, for the right price.

JoCoPost said...

CFRG has lost every issue they've addressed.
Now they are embroiled in a lawsuit for their crappy illegal wording on Issue #1, because you cannot fine every City Hall employee $1000 a day for doing what their boss orders them to do.

So how much of their so-called $150,000 will go toward cleaning up their mistakes?

And if they can't use spellcheck, eg it's Kool-aid, not Cool-aide, just how accurate do you think this next campaign will be.

Dan Coffey and Sherry deJanes are sloppy. But their heart is in the right place. They love the limelight. There can be no campaign if the ballot wording does not allow for a remodel. Get that figgered out first, before you raise money.
We need new leadership.