Sunday, August 06, 2017


Just a few stories to restore your faith in Kansas City that offer a helpful and hopeful look at our town on this Sunday morning.

Take a look:

Celebrate Hammerspace Comeback In The Kansas City East Crossroads

From our blog community . . .

"Hoping the Dalton pioneers can do it again and help contribute to the East Side of KCMO like they did in East Brookside. It is a great place for artists and people who like to make and invent things, with lots of industrial equipment that members can use. They are very family friendly, with lots of items for little makers as well."

Fitness Inspration From An Up & Coming Kansas City Newsman

New eBook From Kansas City Newsie Nick Sloan: The 19 lessons of weight loss

Creating KCMO Urban Core Alternatives

Pat Clarke Summer Basketball League benefits all of Kansas City

In the future we'd like to set aside more space for good news, at least on Sunday and we hope these stories help keep locals better informed about some of the great things happening in this town.

The song of the day is Novices of the Melanesian Brotherhood sing 'Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blong Mi'