Thursday, August 31, 2017

Former KCK Commish Argues Against Alleged Family Dollar Harassment

Blast from the past at former public official has another run-in at a local store . . . Thankfully, this time he took his complaints to the media and the report is far less entertaining than a Lego Land altercation not so long ago:

Kansas City, Kansas father claims child was harassed in Family Dollar

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A KCK father said his son was asked to leave a Family Dollar store near 13th and Quindaro. The clerk drew his attention to a sign on the door saying no children under the age of 18 without a parent were allowed inside.


Anonymous said...

How about the business ain't yer damn babysitter ya mooching dickhead.

Anonymous said...

What's an important man like this spending his welfare check at Family Dollar?

Super Dave said...

I have seen both of those signs in many places so what.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure his son is a dickhead just like his pops.

brylcreem said...

"you dont respect us or our community but still want our money"

your so called community doesnt respect the business, have your raggamuffins coming in stealing in packs of wolvelettes,,, and lol at the chimp out footage from the so called community "dis naybahood is poor! i know people with they lites off!" maybe if yall could band together to a pay a light bill instead of shootinm up each other you could afford fam dollar groceries.

t maddox looks like bald bull from mike tysons punch out on nintendo,, he looks the chicago bulls logo,,, whose dole is this swine on?

chuck said...

The usual whine from an "activist" who understands that criminality and violence are the standard expectations for a business when operating in an area where blacks are predominant, yet pretends to be surprised when it happens and plays the "Victim" card.

In America, our Progressive Thought Leaders in the Media, Politics, Entertainment and throughout, insist that we ignore reality, common sense and logic in lieu of an irrational, pernicious and destructive Group Think Pretense in order for those same Progressive Thought Leaders to remain in power. They have been, are and will be successful, because the 4th Estate's Bullhorn drives the National Narrative.

Everyone will adhere to the insanity because of the threat of intimidation, both violent and economic, that is visited upon us all, when we deviate from the standard talking points by which we all must live.

Diversity is good. Bullshit.

Multiculturalism is a strength. Bullshit.

"There can be no such thing as a Black on White Hate Crime". (Eric Holder) Go fuck yourself Holder.

Crime is caused, not committed. Bullshit.

Society needs to spend more money on "Equaling the Playing Field" Bullshit.

The list of Commandments brought down from what is supposed to be the Progressive Burning Bush, turns out to be edicts from Fascists who have set your fuckin neighborhood on fire.

Anonymous said...

Any and all complaints from negroes need to be immediately filed in File 13.

Anonymous said...

5:22AM-That's early for you chuck. Progressives got you on the run again?

Anonymous said...

Chuck bashing others for whining? Holy shit, dude, you're the whiniest motherfucker on this blog, and that is quite a feat. Seriously, you bitch and moan about everything that isn't just like you. Sad!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame these disrespectful lowlifes have forced an owner of a business that is helping the community to have to resort to putting these signs up, makes me sick...... my business my rules or stay the eff out!!!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hater 9:51/10:17 back again? We missed him so - NOT.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if mr wilsons is still in biz wilsons pizza on 18th n quindaro, the few times ive been in there hes had to rangle out a child aged stealer.