Monday, August 07, 2017

Dead-Tree Media Touts Unlikely Renaissance After EPIC South Kansas City Flooding

Here's a column that's more like a greeting card with a far more unrealistic and unlikely sentiment . . .

Editorial: Coach's flooding should spur action along Indian Creek

Recent flooding along Indian Creek in the south part of metropolitan Kansas City was dangerous - and preventable. Kansas officials must do more to ameliorate the flood problem, caused in large part by driveways and parking lots impervious to rain water.


Anonymous said...

Johnson County needs to do flood control. That needs to the plan.

Anonymous said...

The flooding along that has occurred for decades along 103rd should've spurred action long before this round. It didn't and this time won't either. Don't expect the KC or JOCO to do something and you won't be disappointed.

Tracy Thomas said...

Key fact: Coach's has flooded six times.

Stop rebuilding there, owner of the building, who never should have received a building permit from KCMO! It's a flood plain. Taxpayers should not spend $50 million saving one landlord. Bars need to be on higher ground.

With Turkey Creek, stormwater was threatening a federal interstate, I-35. And a major corridor, Southwest Blvd. That is DIFFERENT from this property next to Indian Creek.

Also, we know the KCStar loves a new tax. They've supported every one for the past 50 years or more.

So watch for them to try to bully the taxpayers once again to institute a "Stormwater FEE", (tax in disguise.) A driveway tax. Which, unlike most taxes, falls also on non-profits and churches.

The one in Shawnee was just doubled from $36 a year to $72 a year.
The one in Mission was repealed by the courts, and now the city is scrambling to figure out how to RETURN $4 million in driveway fee money collected illegally.

Can KCMO residents afford a driveway tax, supported by Sly James and the STAR? They are already beseiged by exorbitant water rates, 123 GO Bond taxes, streetcar sales taxes and property taxes and "TDD district fees that tax churches and non-profits, and more.

Can the STAR bully Johnson County into saving a KCMO bar?

Let Indian Creek be Indian Creek! Stop rebuilding there. Stop putting your parks and businesses in flood plains. This is all just another shiny object to distract the residents.

It's your CITY that is under water, as the car dealers would call it. Financially. And intellectually. Solve your basic problems.

I'll drink to that. At the Coach's 2nd location--in Johnson County. Think of them as a leader. Because if the $15 an hour goes into effect, there will be a FLOOD of other KCMO businesses relocating here.

Tracy Thomas
Former candidate for chairman of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners.

Just the Facts Please said...

103 and Metcalf use to flood back in the 50s and 60's it's nothing new at all. When you build in a low area by a creek you're courting disaster.

Sort of like building by an airport and then bitching about the planes flying over.

Or building by the landfill and start bitching the air stinks.

Joe J said...

Kudos to Tracy for astute analysis.

KCMO already has a storm water run-off tax. My bill is $2.00 per month, apparently based on 1,900 square feet of roof and/or

The theory appears to be that storm water runs into the gutters via the storm sewers and contributes to storm water flow. Reality is that much of storm run-off does not flow into the sewers, but into the ground.

Many KCMO homes do not have curbs and gutters that flow into the storm sewers. Affluent neighborhoods may have curbs and gutters, but thousands of homes do not. Ka-ching! Another KCMO scam.

I agree that City Hall, B & M, etc., will not let this "crisis go to waste."