Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Congressman Yoder Town Hall Plays The Middle Against Johnson County Protesters

Review of last night's festivities and a suburban politico hoping reason and insight into controversial legislation will appease critics seeking to turn the district blue by any means necessary. Checkit:

The Latest: Kevin Yoder at Olathe town hall says he wants to fix private health market

OLATHE - The Latest on Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder's town hall meeting. (all times local): 7:40 p.m. Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder says he wants to fix broken private health insurance markets rather than moving the U.S. toward expanded government health coverage. Yoder also called for greater bipartisanship in Congress during a town hall meeting Tuesday night.

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JoCoPost said...

For those who were disappointed Yoder did not BLAST President Trump, think about Sen. Jeff Flake. Does Yoder need to be diplomatic? Yes. No point in jumping into the crosshairs of the President. This will work itself out.

We have three parties in the US: Dems (who have no leadership or compass), Republicans (who have the majority everywhere it counts) and Trump supporters.

Trump needs Congress more than Congress needs Trump. When they come back from the break, I hope they roar into action and GET SOME STUFF DONE! Present it to Trump and trust me, he will sign.

He needs some accomplishments.

When the investigations sort things out, then there might be a bigger opportunity to distance. But get some stuff done. that's why we sent you there. It's a horrid job.

But we need Kevin Yoder to be re-elected. Not send some Junior League socialite named after a paper doll who can't keep a job, and would need an Emotional Support Dog (I can lend her a goldendoodle) to find her way around the halls of Congress.

What do we learn from baseball and football? You win games with the team you have. So Kevin Yoder is on our team. He plays nice with others. He's very smart and cool-headed and--strategic.

Johnson County Bernie Sanders snowflakes? Just move to KCMO. Stop whining. Kansas is a red state. Yoder is on the House Appropriations Committee. Very powerful place to represent our interests. He votes right, and he works behind the scenes.

Stick with Yoder. Then go find some other race to get all worked up about. Like Colyer v Kobach. THAT is a prudent use of your time. Not this race.