Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Celebrate 'Smart City' Tech Hype Today!!!

Another local gathering of middle-management biz people working diligently to promote their own jobs and companies that have FAILED to create much of any new tech industry despite "silicon prairie" promises:

Smart City Tech Experts Gather in Kansas City for Annual Gigabit Summit

Hundreds of government tech officials, entrepreneurs and others who might geek-out at the sound of "smart cities" or "fiber network" are gathering in Kansas City, Mo., this week for the third annual Gigabit City Summit. The event, being held Aug.

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Anonymous said...

Not a single bit of gigabit wireless in the entire city and we are touting "smart city"? This fucking place is Hooterville when it comes to technology. Compuserve and GEnie was back then. Flooding streets, funding boon appeasements and tensile town airports is now.