Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Kansas City Evening Link Pool

Rosie hotness starts this latest look at all the important Kansas City news this evening. Checkit:

Courthouse Drama Getting Worse

More charges, suspects announced in Jackson County Jail probe

Additional charges and suspects have been announced in a corruption probe at the Jackson County Detention Center. Additional charges were filed Tuesday against two corrections officers at the jail and three others. Four people, including two corrections officers, were originally charged in connection with a bribery scheme to smuggle contraband cell phones and other items to inmates.

Kansas City Bikes Hit Hard

Harley-Davidson lays off nearly 100 Kansas City workers

Harley-Davidson Inc. announced Tuesday that it plans to lay off 180 hourly workers at its plants in Milwaukee and Kansas City. Out of the 180 plant workers, union leaders said, 97 will be from Kansas City. Harley stated that the cuts are based on poor earnings in the second quarter and will begin within the next few months.

Last Hope Against NO-BID Revenue Grab??

AECOM touts experience in KCI terminal competition - Kansas City Business Journal

Burns & McDonnell has been billing the team it's building to compete for the $1 billion modernization of Kansas City International Airport as the hometown team. But representatives of a competing team begin assembled by Los Angeles-based AECOM says it will be just as local and a lot more experienced.

Fighting Sunflower State Drying Up

Conservation Effort Spearheaded By Brownback Slowing Depletion Of Ancient Aquifer

After decades of alarming headlines, Kansas may be on the verge of preserving an ancient groundwater resource that helped make it an agricultural powerhouse. Since the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s, researchers have warned that farmers were pumping water from the part of the massive Ogallala aquifer that underlies Kansas faster than nature could replace it.

Big Bucks For Kansas City Schools

Kansas City Neighborhood Academy receiving $500,000 for 'smart' program

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The City of Kansas City has roughly 20 charter schools within KCPS school boundaries. One of the newest charter schools, Kansas City Neighborhood Academy, just received a $500,000 investment from SchoolSmartKC. Kansas City Neighborhood Academy is a local charter school that is sponsored by KCPS.

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Anonymous said...

Rosie has a hot little cunt

Anonymous said...

What exactly is SchoolSmartKC, who manages it, and where does its funding come from?
The answers to those questions will tell you a lot about what's likely to happen here.
The best bet in KCMO would be that it's not about the children or education.

Anonymous said...

...another ED scam...boy are we stupid....maybe they should hire Hinson...and while they are at it, put Goodburn on the board of directors.

Anonymous said...

harleys are a pieace of shit anyway

Anonymous said...

KC schools have not implemented a single smart program for decades, but I am sure this infusion of cash will follow the same train as in the past. Another epic money and time wasting fail dreamed up by libtard bureaucrats.