Friday, July 14, 2017

Study Hopes To Curb So Many Kansas City Urban Core Pedestrians Killed By Traffic

Important community reporting on a tragic trend . . . At least half a dozen pedestrians have been killed by cars so far this Summer. Here's a look at the local effort at prevention:

Work continues on Independence Avenue safety study

A new study is aiming to make the pedestrian experience along Independence Avenue more user-friendly. The Independence Avenue Pedestrian Safety Study - a partnership between the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) and the City of Kansas City, Missouri - convened a steering committee of Northeast community leaders on Wednesday, July 12 for a planning conversation.


Anonymous said...

We can get a study for dumbazz people who don't know how to cross a street but we do nothing about the murders, makes perfect sense in killa city

Dont run me over bro said...

They slow walk as a statement of power.

It is a fucking game to some of the little ones. Go look up the dude beaten nearly to death in Detroit after a kid played that game.

They seek to get in front of the cars on purpose. You'll never see it written about but you will see people with tire marks on their heads because of it.

It is like a reverse polar bear knockout game.