Saturday, July 08, 2017

Show-Me Rage Against Missouri SecState Ashcroft And Prez Trump Cooperation

Strangely, denizens of both left and right don't like the move to hand over voter info to the Feds. Take a look:

Missouri Secretary of State responds to criticism over support for Trump voter-fraud panel

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is responding to angry voters throughout the state after he said June 30 that he'd partially comply with a data request from a White House panel investigating voter fraud. His reasoning, as explained Thursday: He wants fair elections.


Anonymous said...

(((Public Broadcasting)))

Anonymous said...

"Kander could not be reached for comment." Of course not. Jason is busy running for president.

Anonymous said...

Beats the shit out of Hillbillery

Anonymous said...

Ain't it just the shitz that Kansans get reminder postcards to vote, updated voter registration i.d. cards, letters soliciting for campaign volunteers, and phone calls conducting polls of voters registered to specific parties? So, the data is there, and honest people should have no problem with an accounting of legally eligible votes!

Hell with it. Better to beg forgiveness, than ask permission. Get some cyber sleuths digging to see if they might "STUMBLE UPON" some of those 30,000 emails that "RUSSIA" or, Gucifer, or a Traitorous​ Tranny Manning-type tapped into. Like Hilly bought off Bernie, there's a good bet some fraudster votes got through.

Anonymous said...

Ain't it weird that Asshcroft and the other Republicans were shitting themselves over the State having to give the US Govt. data to make our Driver's Licenses valid documents for getting on a plane but they fall over themselves to give even more info into this fraudulent pack of clown's?