Thursday, July 20, 2017

Show-Me Medical Marijuana Missouri Progress

Just a bit of a preview for an upcoming vote. Take a peek:

Missouri voters could decide fate of medical marijuana in 2018

The Southwest Missouri Democrats decide to back a medical marijuana petition.


Unknown said...

Always starts as"medical". It's such bullshit. So, one can use their HSA/FSA find for this? You're telling me this medicine? It is a drug. Also, these idiot's aren't making it "legal" for the professional class. Doctors, nurses anyone with a professional license risks losing their license, and thereby their ability to work and make a living. Wake up people, this is just letting the panhandlers avoid jail time or have a record. Can't have the professional class smoking weed, they might lose motivation and have our tax-base diminished.

Anonymous said...

Look at Colorado, they seem to be raking in much more tax revenue than ks and mo combined. And besides alcohol kills and destroys lives much more than marijuana

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with MJ as medicine.

There are legitimate uses for it.

At least decriminalize it.

Anonymous said...

Be the best thing since Trump won !

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! lets go for it. Then we can waste millions of tax payer dollars setting up a marijuana monitoring system some bureaucrat dreams up like the opoids monitoring system. Then watch some ass hole in Jeff City hand the info over to the Feds like the Dept of Revenue did behind everyones back when the ATF got nosey. Just like opiods this system needs to be set up to control the supply accessible to the public, not waste money monitoring the public. Make it legal. Make cultivators certified with licensing. Allow health departments to inspect and test cultivation and processing and limit production based on medical necessity. I am all for medical hootch, but get a plan that covers the processes and protects the citizens rather than places citizens under scrutiny concerning their marijuana prescriptions. As inferred, the opiod problem is about a country that allows drug manufacturers to produce ten times more opium derivatives than is medically and statistically necessary and then has dumb ass bureaucrats scratching their fat asses wondering how the problem happened.

Anonymous said...

Read this: