Monday, July 24, 2017


After a Saturday night storm . . . THOUSANDS still don't have electricity throughout the metro. It seems like more since every suburban complaint counts double. Here's the latest round-up:

Cleanup continues across KC metro, thousands still without power

Thousands of residents across the Kansas City metro were still without power on Monday morning as the cleanup continued from Saturday night's severe storms. Approximately 20,000 KCP&L customers and 6,300 Kansas City BPU customers were still in the dark. KCP&L said they hoped to get most of their customers online today.


Anonymous said...

Kansas snowflakes got their panties in a wad! Kcmo got worse damage last month and nobody whined about it. I guess we're tougher on this side of state line!

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is too busy for you pee-on's.

Super Dave said...

Such a spoiled bunch of babies, can't take a day or two with no power.

All should be damn glad no lives were lost in this mess with trees falling all over everything.

God Allfuckin' Mighty said...

Shut the fuck up with your pissing and moaning or next time you will need an ark.