Sunday, July 23, 2017


Typical Summer rain and some downed branches bring down the exceptionally fragile local grid. Here's more deets on the aftermath and a reason to CONSIDIDER KCP&L's constant demand for rate hikes and less regulation when longtime residents note a decline in service overall.

Here's the aftermath:

Power FAIL Cont'd Into Afternoon

Strong Storms Knock Out Power, Down Trees Across Kansas City Metro

About 45,000 Kansas City Power & Light customers were still without power as of 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon, mostly in Clay, Jackson, and Johnson counties. That's down from a high of 138,000 after a night of heavy winds, prolific lightning, and hard rain.

The Rain REALLY Wasn't So bad

Metro residents working to clean up damage following strong storms overnight

Wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour were reported.

Pix Of Dead Trees

GALLERY: Tree damage shows force of Saturday night storm

A severe thunderstorm blew through the region Saturday night, leaving in its wake a path of destruction in the form of downed power lines, broken branches, uprooted trees, and knocking out power to over 100,000 people in the KC metro.

Dead-Tree Doesn't Question Excuses

KCP&L official explains the Kansas City area power outages

Chuck Caisley with KCP&L explains how crews are trying to restore power to the thousands of people in the KC metro area after strong storms moved through Saturday night.

Kansas City Free Ice!!!

Information and resources for those without power

Here is some information we have found for those without power due to Saturday night's storms. At their peak, outage numbers reached up to over 115,000 people without power. At 3 p.m., KCP&L said: "Power to 90,000 customers restored, with 50,000 without power. We expect outages to last into tomorrow."

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Anonymous said...

News flash. Kansas City hated KCPL BEFORE the storm

Anonymous said...

Who cares? How many hood rats killed each other today?

Super Dave said...

In all fairness you can't blame KCPL for the outages. Blame the trees, weather and the fact that people plant trees under power lines then expect the power company to trim them.

Hey we could be buried under a bunch of ice and snow with temps in the single digits.

Anonymous said...

It was worse one month ago

Anonymous said...

We need a state law that forces the ass holes at the Public Utilities Commission to come out and do the clean up.

Anonymous said...

70-80 mph winds aren't typical.

Please remove your head from your ass.

Anonymous said...

We may hate the monopoly that is KCPL, but we sure are glad to see those trucks roll into the neighborhood after a storm. Thanks to the line workers. YOU are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Bury the cables....Problem solved!!!!! WAIT that's too simple.