Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Nation Rejects Kansas SecState Kobach?!?

He's the target of legal complaints and hateration from media outlets throughout the nation. Yet, like it or not, he's still the front runner in the upcoming contest for Sunflower State Guv. Read more:

At Least 44 States Refuse to Hand Over all Data Requested by Trump's "Fraud" Commission

The vast majority of states are pushing back against the Trump administration's request for personal voter information as part of a supposed probe into election fraud. CNN surveyed all 50 states and found that most say they cannot provide all the data requested by the controversial commission.


Anonymous said...

You know these ignorant rubes will elect him as the next governor. Then they'll whine and cry as the state finishes going down the tubes. What a collection of stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Kobach showed just how clueless and shallow he is by allowing his ego and ambition to lead him into being played by Trump into becoming the front man for the clearly terrible idea of having the states send Washington their voter registration information.
The voting process is a state responsibility and you would hope that Kobach, who IS a secretary of state, would have anticipated what the overwhelming response of the states would be.
His two roll out attempts at national prominence have now both ended in farce and failure.
He needs to stay in the minor leagues like Kansas, where he can continue to play at being the one-eyed king in the valley of the blind.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Too long on personal opinion and assumptions and very short on facts. Certified libtard!

Anonymous said...

Kris Kobach WILL be the next Governor of Kansas.

Democrats should continue promoting tax and spend, baby killing, LGBTQ-Z, and a liberal welfare state, as this ensures their perpetual insignificance.

Anonymous said...

Repubtards should continue destroying the state of Kansas. Their failed policy of reducing taxes for the wealthy exploded in their faces. Kobach will continue the standard repubtard policy of stealing the public money as his predecessor Scamin' Sammy did. Pretending to be a Christian, fleecing the rubes, and getting the hell out as it explodes...SOP for the rebutards in that God-forsaken state.

Anonymous said...

Man did you nail that one. a state full of dirty-eared inbred sodbusters, with manure for their brains ...LOL too much man

Phil Cardarella said...

One of the States that refuses to fully comply is ...KANSAS!

It appears that Kobach's nutty search for a solution for a non-existent problem is too broad for Kansas law to allow him to comply with his own demands!

Anonymous said...

He needs to move to Missouri where things are so fucked up he couldn't make them worse. He would fit right in with Jame's and his cronies.