Tuesday, July 25, 2017

KCP&L Wasting Energy On Social Media

Insight into the online PR war that still won't help locals get their lights back on . . . Take a look:

Inside KCP&L's social media war room: cleaning up the storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After winds ripped through the metro Saturday, knocking down trees and power lines, thousands remain without power. Harold Lang's home in Kansas City, Kansas is one of the many still in the dark. "Two blocks south of here they have the lights on and power.


Anonymous said...

KCP&L sucks some major dick and everyone knows that are they know how worthless KCP&L is. No amount of PR is going to change the fact that people hate KCP$L.

Anonymous said...

So when are you having your power shut off? Soon I hope. It will disconnect you from the Internet.

Anonymous said...

10:36Am-You suck some major dick...always have...always will. Everyone knows that you are worthless. No amount of PR is going to change the fact that people hate you.

Anonymous said...

Fuck KCP&L

Anonymous said...

This local KCP&L thing seems to be a polarizing issue. I've noticed people posting emotionally how they dislike the company and other people swooping in saying how those previously mentioned people voicing frustration wouldn't know what to do w/o power bs ... almost as if they know what it takes to keep the lights on but never claiming so.

Let the people be frustrated. There is also plenty of opportunity for people within company to voice what the real problem is - we haven't heard it yet. SPEAK UP!

Anonymous said...

They set up a room full of people to watch for and react to social media posts. They publicly referred to it as the war room. How dumb can you get?

First off it seemed like a lot of individuals posting online at least called KCPL and got an answer that didn't make sense and had no other choice but to post. Second KCPL completely de-legitimized anybody trying to stand up for them/the circumstances; is the person responding to the complainer really an individual or is it some one from the war room to make it seem like the people complaining are unusual. KCPL created this distrust, not anybody else.

KCPL is probably on it's way to being the next ENRON and will be literally blowing s#!* up until they get there.

KC: Jesus, take the wheel. Maybe through blind faith this problem will be fixed.