Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday After Work Link Look

Hottie Jess brings us to this last news blast of the day and a glimpse of local life in action . . .

Cleaning Up Angry KCMO Tagging

Local businesses vandalized with hateful graffiti

Racist graffiti and semi trucks set on fire - it happened overnight at a business park off of Front Street. "This truck right here, the front side of it was on fire." Aaron Farrar doesn't understand why this happened.

Kansas City Killing Cry For Help

'Enough's enough,' father of KC's 'homicide No. 83' says in plea for peace, justice

Tasha James and Tony Nevels sat shoulder-to-shoulder Tuesday morning on the concrete steps where someone shot their younger brother dead. His name was Freddie Nevels, they said. He was 23. They want peace. They want justice. But both seem maddeningly out of reach here on the 3800 block of East Sixth Street in Kansas City's Northeast neighborhood.

Show-Me Street Life Debate

Lawmakers ask public to critique MoDOT funding options

A group of lawmakers is asking for feedback on a few ideas to deal with the Missouri Department of Transportation's budget, which is inadequate to fix the state's crumbling roads and bridges.MoDOT has about $825-million in high-priority projects that are not funded.

Look What Grandpa Burried

Police investigating after a grenade was found in an Independence neighborhood

The Independence Police Department is investigating after a suspicious devode was reported in a neighborhood. The incident happened Tuesday afternoon in the area of East 9th Street South near South Huttig Avenue. A man told KMBC 9 News that he was digging up his backyard looking for items his grandfather had buried.

Home Team In the Homestretch

Mental Ward: The Royals are going for it

Monday nights are terribly unremarkable. It is the first day of the work week for most, after the tumult of Saturday hobnobbing and the abbreviated recovery of Sunday afternoon nap sessions, Mondays have a tendency to come and go with little in the way of decoration or celebration.

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TOP PHOTO -- Piano Man

Finishing up my late night music gig, I ask for any last requests and Jess said she wanted to play my pump organ!!!

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Is that you Johnny Dare?

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@8:52-no she didn't. What she said was you're fat and disgusting. If you don't stay away from me, I'll call the police! I see how you could've misunderstood.

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Nevels was a complete TURD.... No loss to this City!