Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain: Mayor Sly Has Created Civic Quagmire

Fair play for this local petitioner, we covered media debate and now it's only right to offer this perspective on an upcoming Kansas City ballot issue as Mr. Chastain goes all in on the top politico at City Hall.  


Take a look:

Clay Chastain...Sly James' insider dealing, untrustworthy and overbearing leadership has created a civic quagmire that jeopardizes the city's future.

Mayor Sly James' insider dealing, untrustworthy and overbearing leadership has created a civic quagmire that promises to confound voters, invite more lawsuits and cloud the City's way forward on several major issues as follows...


* Thanks to insider dealing Sly, there is now a direct conflict between Ballot Question #2 (petition proposal to build Kansas City a new rapid citywide rail / electric bus and bikeway system) and the Sly supported insider plan to merely extend the slow running (in traffic) streetcar line to the Plaza via an insider manipulated and restricted election. So Sly, what will happen if voters approve both transit proposals, or Question #2 loses and the City is sued by petitioners for your role in deliberately misrepresenting the intent of that petition plan to voters?

* Thanks to insider dealing Sly, there is also a direct conflict between Ballot Question #1 and the Sly-supported plan to extend the streetcar to the Plaza because Ballot Question #1, if approved by voters, mandates all rail proposals be placed before citywide voters. However, Sly's insider manufactured streetcar plan is not being placed before citywide voters. So Sly, what happens if voters approve both ballot measures?


Thanks to insider dealing Sly, there is now a blistering dispute between supporters of the corporate-sponsored downtown convention hotel, including Sly, who do not want the public to vote on that public-subsidized insider deal and supporters of a valid petition, who do.
So Sly, what happens if construction of the hotel begins and petitioners file a lawsuit to stop the project because you and the City did not honor their valid petition and let the people vote as you were instructed to do by the Missouri Supreme Court?


Thanks to insider dealing Sly, many people do not trust the City on how to proceed with improving our airport. It now appears the voters will only be given a chance to vote on a single-terminal plan and not an alternative plan to merely restore and keep KCI in its current convenient configuration. So Sly, what happens if the voters reject a new single-terminal plan? Sly has already answered that question for us..."We are screwed," he said.

Most all this civic confusion and civic distrust has occurred because the people do not trust Sly to let them vote on anything and because most everything Sly advocates for directly benefits the elite and not Kansas City's everyday citizens. So Sly, once you've burned your bridges with the public trust, you've burned your bridges.

Clay Chastain...leader and designer of Ballot Question #2 designed to provide the people a more green, prosperous and transit-oriented Kansas City.

You decide . . . 


Anonymous said...

I like it when Clay calls out the mayor. Wish he would do it more often.

Anonymous said...

Let's throw all the bums out at city hall, we should follow clay county's brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

While I agree with Chastain's comments on City Hall, and absolutely nothing with his uptopian green mass transit crap, my big question is: WTF is he even doing up here? Get out and go back to your home you weird pissant. Every time it gets warm, here comes pissant Chastain to cause problems in a City hundreds of miles from his home.

JoCoPost said...

If Clay really cared, he would get others to promote his ideas. Because he is so toxic, so megalamaniacal, that our eyes cross when we see his Big Bad Wolf photo with the fake teeth--and our brains cannot even comprehend what he is advocating.

Go home, Clay Chastain. Your sister outed you to the election board, so you are no longer allowed to even vote here. You came in third for Mayor, behind a homeless man who sleeps on borrowed sofas and has no cell phone.

You and Jason Kander are losers. Go away.

Anonymous said...

Dick Tracy you need to also go home

Anonymous said...

Clay's just pissed because even his own sister says he's a nutjob and can no longer crash on her couch.

Anonymous said...

What did Clay do that had a reporter so upset?