Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kansas City Holiday Aftermath: First Reports Reveal Rampant Gunfire & Car Crime

The fireworks and gun shots didn't stop for most of the urban core until around 2 in the AM.

A few deets as reports are still coming in . . .

- Hyde Park Car Crime was rampant over the past few days with at least a half dozen car theft reports.

- KC urban core streets certainly need the current trash amnesty given all the firecracker clutter on local streets.

- A gas station shooting last night is the first of many gunfire reports making their way to newscasts this morning.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Lots of gunfire east of the troost "wall". Ammo's cheaper than fireworks. Neighbors tend to not complain to you about the noise.

Anonymous said...

What is our total number of murders right now?

Anonymous said...

Ammo can be used year round

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many arrests were made for fireworks violations. I would guess none or either the PD will not tell you.

Anonymous said...

They don't know the difference.

Anonymous said...


The 1 thing I notice is that TODAY news reporting by local networks here in KC , NEVER ever mentions any of the real reasons behind these types of crimes

Back in the 1970's 1980's 1990's the news would report its was because of DRUGS and or GANG Activity, Gang criminal groups .

Todays local YOUNG KC Reporters, often NOT from around here or even from this City, but "IMPORTED" into Kansas City from other regions of the country to report the news, are NOT reporting any FACTS, very rarely.

These "IMPORTED" in reporters today are clueless & Naïve.

I often refer to todays reporters & News Anchors as Musical Chair mouth pieces,, here today gone tomorrow, as they come here for a few years then move to some other News station in some other city they know nothing about and don't care !

talking head mouth pieces is all they are who don't know jack diddly shit !!

Heres how they report the news nowdays,,,,,

REPORT - Somebody somewhere shot somebody else and the "suspects" ran off in that direction ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

They are described as wearing shoes and pants and a sleeves shirt with a hat on their head driving a CAR ,,,,,

If YOU see any of the suspects described your urged to call 474-tips

that's how those degenerate liberal fucks report the news today on 3 of the local KC News channels

Simply Amazing,,,,,,,,,,,