Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Kansas City According To TwinSauce

Our favorite vloggers in Kansas City offer a glimpse at this town from their very unique, excitable and enthusiastic perspective.

Sure, they're denizens of the creative class but they're also very brave and cheerful young people sharing their life in this cowtown.

Be nice and take a look . . .


Anonymous said...

This is representative of the decline of civilization.

This generation is so self-centered, that they actually believe it's normal to video themselves doing such mundane tasks as eating and watching TV.

These 2 twin obsessive-compulsive narcissists will not contribute anything worthy to our nation or community. It's all about chasing after fame, because they've grown up on celebrity gossip, TMZ, selfies, and "everybody gets a gold star for showing up."

Somebody notify me when these 2 twinkle-toes join the military and make it through boot camp. (P.S. I won't be expecting your call)

Anonymous said...

That is the worst shit I have ever seen. I am shocked the two guys didn't suck each other off in the vid

Anonymous said...

Those chicks are fat sows. The least they could do is have some hot sluts in it.

Tony said...

Damn, you guys are mean. I like TwinSauce and I doubt their harshest critics could do any better. Good stuff and you have to give them credit for putting themselves out there like that.

Anonymous said...

"putting themselves out there like that" WTF?

Putting themselves out there for WHAT?

There putting out pollution, not doing anything worthwhile, basically just stroking each other off in public hoping to be noticed. Good riddance!