Saturday, July 15, 2017

Former Kansas City Star Columnist Yael Quits Blog And Joins Peace Corps!!!

He didn't earn much traction on the Internets but garnered quite a few shares and comments via the social media echo chamber.

In his latest post he offers deets on his upcoming African adventure and some perspective on his brief stint as a blogger:

"The blog allowed me to continue writing my rather frank — and dare I say mostly liberal — opinions about local, state and national politics, along with a few other issues of interest.

"The wonderful readers of this blog often commented positively — and negatively — on it through Facebook and Twitter. Many chipped in donations to support my work.

"But all things come to an end."

And so, the blogosphere loses another scribe and a great many angry opinions targeting local politicos.

Call this a victory for Prez Trump or maybe the postscript to a Kansas City journalism career.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

i would hope that you will send updates to tony's from to time and good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Cleaver got a grant for this to happen. Have fun looking for your roots.

Anonymous said...

going to slavishly grovel to Africans in person...

like he did to the african Obama for 8 years in his Star columns

Anonymous said...

Good riddance liberal fuckface

Anonymous said...

wow. congrats on deciding to do something constructive and something in real life.

chuck said...

Best wishes.

Africa is a dangerous place, in most places.

My best friend in High School joined and went to Gautemala. He picked up an Amoeba that has fucked him for life.

Crime can be an issue, but, hey, your from Killa City.

"Crime Rating: Namibia Critical

Crime Threats

Americans have regularly fallen victim to street crime. Incidents occur more frequently after dark than during daytime hours. Criminals sometimes display knives and occasionally firearms. The most common incidents are non-violent crimes of opportunity (pickpocketing, purse snatching, vehicle theft, ATM card skimming, vehicle break-ins), committed by thieves who rely on stealth and surprise. Pickpocketing and purse-snatching are most likely to take place in downtown shopping areas and other high-traffic locations where foreign visitors congregate. Theft from motor vehicles remains a concern. These types of crime usually involve smash-and-grab patterns and are sometimes associated with violence. Personal robberies and residential break-ins and thefts remain prevalent. Residential burglaries in affluent neighborhoods were frequently reported in 2014. The vast majority of crime that occurs in Windhoek is petty street crime."

In addition, there are Cobras, King Cobras and the really, really nasty, Black Mamba. That is just a few of the snakes, that will be attending you during your toilet, in the middle of the night.

I think you should just shit the bed. You know, like you did at the Kansas City Star for 37 years.


Just kidding, have a great time!
Be sure and write!!

Anonymous said...

Good place for him to be.

Anonymous said...

what if brownback decides to become a missionary in the same place?

Anonymous said...

It really illustrates how small his paper gig audience was.. shows how he really had zero clout beyond his drinking buddies.. shows he really was ineffective with his arguments and truley was a stooge for a SINGULAR cause.. hope a monkey butt rapes him..

Anonymous said...

Stop talking about him already and let's be down with him for good. Now for the rest of the worthless star writers.

Anonymous said...

Yael must have figured out a $40 a year income from blogging isn't going to pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

Still failing? Maybe being White (and conviniently Jewish) didnt help him much.

Anonymous said...

Yael is the consummate liberal. Maybe he will go to a country that has cannibals. When he gets eaten he will do his part to end world hunger!

Silverback Sly said...

Guess his mom didnt have a basement.

Anonymous said...

Too bad "Gautemala" is spelled Guatemala.

Too bad Guatemala is in Central America.

Anyhoo, I think this should serve as an inspiration to Tony, however, to prove to him it's not too late to do something with his life.

Like wrap his lips around a handgun, pull the trigger, and end it.

But only after he puts chuck out of his fucking misery.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Agree or disagree, Yael has always been interesting! Good luck!!

chuck said...


Thanks for catching my typo. That's as close as you will come to validation for your entire miserable fuckin life.

Nuance, not being your strong point, let me explain this for you.

"My best friend in High School joined...", the Peace Corp.

I will give you a day or so, to try and get what is left of your olfactory around this context. If you don't understand, just go back to gathering nuts and burying them in the back yard. Winter is coming.

Anonymous said...

Peace Corps needs more billy goats, eh?

Anonymous said...

The most hopeful part of the message was "All things must come to an end". However just like Clay Chastain Yael will be back when we want him the least.

But for now....Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...


Yael will end up being one of the very few Liberals who actually leaves the U.S. after President Trump got elected! Remember all those who promised to do so, back during the election season?

Service in the Peace Corps is an honorable mark of distinction. Much better to mold the world through education and giving, than dropping bombs on them.


Yael is an unrepentant LOSER. He takes a final stab at Trump, Brownback, Yoder, Kobach, and Greitens, as he exits. But, of course, Yael is in the minority, as all those listed are still in positions of political power.

As Yael leaves KC (good riddance) he buries his face once more in Mayor James' ass and sides against the interests of the resident majority when voicing support for a single-terminal and streetcar expansion.

While in Namibia, may we suggest Yael begin speaking out against President Hage Geingob? Now on his 3rd wife, this Western-backed tool, has served as President of Namibia since 2015 (Prime Minister 1990-2002, 2012-2015). Maybe Yael can begin lecturing him on the need to raise taxes, go into further debt, and build frivolous infrastructure projects?