Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today's Kansas City Slice Of Life

Latest local cutting news in order to remind locals that gun control rarely helps prevent violence in the U.S., here's an example:

Stabbing victim collapses in front of house on Benton Boulevard, KC police say

Kansas City police are investigating a cutting that left a man with serious injuries. Officers were called to the 3900 block of Benton Boulevard just before midnight and found the victim sprawled on the outdoor steps leading to the porch of a residence.


Anonymous said...

There it is again, Benton Blvd, the MLK of Kansas City. That and College Ave.

Anonymous said...

So sad. Benton Blvd has so many beautiful homes and architecture. The residents that live there seem to be of an older mature neighborhood. I don't know why these misfortunes are happening. All I can say is; get out of the streets before the street lights come on, stay away from unproductive and negative people and say no to drugs and alcohol... Reading books is fundamental as well as a great destressing method. I still love this community and hope for change as well as safety for others ��

Anonymous said...

You seriously don't know why these misfortunes are happenings? Really? N E G R O E S

Anonymous said...

Sorry 5:11 but other races don't act like the black race. Sure there are plenty of unemployed people of every race but the difference is the violence. Nobody is as violent as black people. Stop blaming poverty though. Go to Pittsburg, KS and see all the poor white trash. Walk down many of the streets where the houses are in worse shape than houses in the hoods of KC. The difference you won't get hurt walking down one of those streets. Try walking your white ass down College Ave at midnight.