Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Show-Me No Missouri Tax Payback

Presser update from The Pitch reveals that locals might be owed interest now thanks to late payment. Take a look:

Haven't received your Missouri tax refund? You're apparently not alone

State tax refunds were due back last week -- June 2, to be precise -- to every Missouri resident who filed by the April 18 Tax Day deadline. But according to Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway, more than 1,000 people have called her office's whisteblower hotline with complaints about accessing their refunds.


Anonymous said...

Those a-holes in the MoDOR did an audit on my return, with standard deductions, nothing special, no hidden money, and sent me a letter demanding $1.50 (yes, one dollar and fifty cents) as I had rounded down from $0.40 or so in a couple spots which added up to $1.50 overall. They also calculated a $0.02 interest charged. I kid you not, that's the most wasteful garbage I'd ever encountered. Even the IRS recommends using standard rounding methods on completing your fed returns. I literally wrote a check for $1.52 so the MoDOR wouldn't take me court

Anonymous said...

Welco,me to Missouri, the Communist Liberal State where their goal is to RAISE YOUR TAXES , Drive away business, Inject & import more crime into the Liberal Ran Cities and steal your MONEY !!!

That's exactly how Communist Liberals work, that is their sole agenda !!

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Anonymous said...

^^^Hmm. Doesn't Missouri have a Republican governor and a republican controlled legislature? Didn't Missouri vote for Trump? Hmm...So it's not really a liberal state then is it?!? Stupid fucking conservative, always blaming others for Your messes

Anonymous said...

^^^ but it's leftist idiots like you that keep electing a Democrat mayor and city council. Own it, douchebag.