Friday, June 30, 2017

Kansas City Westport QT Redux

A better report amid the ongoing debate over convenience store expansion that has Midtown angry and social media denizens trolling lesser forums. Checkit:

KC Council Tells QuikTrip To Talk To Neighbors (Again) Before A Final Vote On Westport Expansion

Another conflict over a Westport modernization project brought out hours of testimony Wednesday in front of the Kansas City Council's planning, zoning and economic development committee. The proposed projects have seen strong opposition from neighbors who fear the historic character of the district will change.


Anonymous said...

fuck the neighbors

Anonymous said...

The Philistine's of KCMO 2017 want plentiful junk food at hand and this will deliver!

Anonymous said...

It's not fear driving people. It's realizing QT's plan will only turn the current mess they've created with the current set up into 50 times as bad as it is right now at some point. Turning this stretch of road into something looking like Modesto or Lubbock.