Friday, June 16, 2017

Kansas City Cubans Talk Back

Locals who have experience with this regime and don't have much love for Raul are mostly supportive of Prez Trump's latest move. Take a look:

Trump's new Cuba policy gains support from some Cuban Americans, opposition from travel agencies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - "I didn't feel the Cuban regime deserved to have any openings," Cuban-American Marisel Walston says. Waldron fled Cuba in 1979 with her family to meet up with her father in Miami. She says even today the government oppresses the Cuban people.


Byron Funkhouser said...

"The Cuba Regime" overthrew a corrupt, mafia controlled, dictator. Fidel came to America for help, & Nixon labelled him a "Communist", so they turned to The USSR for help.

Our embargo against them was without reason or merit. Our attempted invasion was without reason or merit. Did we want to restore the previous regime, even though it was Mafia controlled? Or are we simply that frightened, & that stupid, about the word "Communist".

Talking to Cubans who fled The Revolution is unconvincing, since they would not have fled if they were not part of this corrupt regime. Similarly, you can talk to Persians who fled the Iranian Revolution because they were a part of its corrupt regime, or Mexicans who fled to America to escape The Mexican Revolution. They'll talk sadly about the Rancheros they had to leave behind. You had to listen carefully to understand that their Rancheros were stolen from the indigenous people who were little more than slaves on these wonderful Rancheros. These people who fled these revolutions were not ordinary people, but part of the elite.

The real reason Der Fuhrer did this was to hurt his business competitors.

And of course, to undo every thing Obama did, like a spoiled little child.

Anonymous said...

Byron. Wrong again. Add 60 years. Times change. You stupid thieving fucker thief lives in the past. Worthless punk.

Anonymous said...

12:26 - Donald, what are you doing off twitter?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the job killing regulations Trump. Love that big government telling me what I can't do in my personal travel.

I know those crippling sanctions just need a little more time to work. 55 years is not a fair measurement. Brownback will fit right in with this crowd.

BTW, what 2 regulations are you eliminating for each new travel & audit regulation you add?

If he sends thousands of troops and increases military spending on a new Afghan war surge, I'm off the Trump train. Wait, he's doing what next week?

William Jeffro Clinton said...

I'm suing to block this move by Trump. It discriminates against cigars made in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Call Clarksburg WVA police on Byron before he starts a kill list.

Anonymous said...

Der Funkhouser and the rest of the Antifa were busy last night.

Anonymous said...

Cuba is 90 miles from Florida - do we really want a hostile government taking over? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.