Sunday, June 11, 2017

Kansas City Catholic Teachable Moment

Important journalism from public TV offers hope for local education turnaround from faith communities. Take a look:

Research Says 'Voucher' Programs Can Help Students

The drawings depict rainbows, hearts, flowers and crosses - thank-you's to the Catholic Education Foundation in Kansas City, Kansas, from pupils attending parochial school on need-based scholarships. The money is coming from the Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program, a 3-year-old Kansas initiative where businesses provide funding through tax-deductible contributions.


Anonymous said...

The libs have no problem calling the murder of unborn babies a "choice". But when it comes to the education of children the left wants everyone to be subject to public education and be indoctrinated by communist educators. Parents have a right to educate their kids as they see fit. And for Catholics they especially should have the right to choose. Catholico, apostolico, y Romano.

Anonymous said...

Just ask Ohara H.S. why they closed!

Anonymous said...

Great America is blessed to have options for education and enriching so many of us beyond the classrooms. Local property taxes and other taxes are paid to public schools by very many families whose dependants (pre-K through college) are private or home-school students. That's true for property owners and renters alike (landlords pay mil levies to school districts, too). If all those non-public schooled pupils switched into public schools, taxes would rise quite noticeably. Those Barstow, St. James, Rock High, Aquinas, etc., tuition payers are actually "gifting" funds to the local and state coffers when their pupils aren't at the gubmint trough of district education.

Plus, private schools provide loads of commerce and additional property tax(daycares on site pay full levies) and income tax/fica/401k/health insurance/life insurance payments from all those employees. Private institutions bring about new construction, remodeling, permits, fees,
facilities maintenance, supplies and food purchases, sports and other equipment, custom uniforms,
utilities, insurance, salaries, transportation, fuel purchases, field trip entrance fees, and more. Some even hire security personnel for school days, sports and other events, and many buy 24 hour monitoring fees.

Hey, where's Melissa Click gonna get some muscle and a job, if private schools didn't exist?!

Anonymous said...

How Brilliant! Like free shit doesn't tend to help anyone who wants something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:38PM Melissa Click owns you. You think about her all the time.

Anonymous said...

^ like your obsession with Trump?