Monday, June 05, 2017

Kansas City Afternoon Hotness News

Our Kansas City compilation inspired by hotness and dedicated to saving the planet and some of the top local news for right now. Take a peek:

Kansas City Hero Mommy Saves Youngster

Mother performs CPR on 4-year-old son who nearly drowned at KCMO pool

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A four-year-old boy survived a near drowning Monday afternoon at a pool in Kansas City. The incident happened near NW 96th Street and N Oak Trafficway around noon when a child was swimming and went under and didn't re-surface for some time.

Local Tech Winning Report

Kansas City-based Cerner wins VA contract

The United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs announced on Monday morning that the VA has selected Kansas City-based Cerner to run its next generation health records system. "I have decided that VA will adopt the same EHR system as DoD, now known as MHS GENESIS, which at its core consists of Cerner Millennium," Secretary Dr. David J Shulkin said in a news release.

Kansas Budget Rejection Cont'd

Kansas House rejects effort to end marathon session with tax and schools combination

Negotiations Sunday resulted in a bill that paired a new school finance formula required by the Kansas Supreme Court with a tax package that raised income tax rates and in large part rolled back Gov. Sam Brownback's earlier tax cuts.

Partisan Pitch Clucking

SCOTUS negs Hawley's eggs: U.S. Supreme Court won't hear Missouri attorney general's hen-house appeal

Another court ruling, another goose egg for the Missouri attorney general's office and its strange quest to mess with California's hen-house laws. This time it was the U.S. Supreme Court telling Missouri to go cluck itself. State Attorney General Josh Hawley wanted the justices to overturn a federal appeals court's decision upholding a California food-safety statute.

High Art News For Public Radio

'How Science Got Women Wrong', And Quixotic's Creative Process

For centuries research about women has been flawed. Today, we learn how gender and cultural bias has affected centuries of scientific study. Author and journalist Angela Saine reveals how new research refutes the long-held view that women are inferior. Also, we explore the creative process behind the Kansas City performance art group Quixotic.

No Kangroo Solution To Broke-Ass Budget

UMKC Theatre town hall Sunday drew an all-star cast but no immediate answers on devastating budget cuts

It's short-sighted, but it's a truism: When the economic going gets tough, the arts get going. And so, with budget problems plaguing the University of Missouri system, the school is scaling back the UMKC Theatre program, resulting in the layoff of four nontenured instructors, a loss of programming, fewer graduate students, and the elimination of productions.

Losing Season Hometown Highlight

Kansas City Royals: Can Mike Moustakas say "Bye Bye" to Balboni?

At the one-third point of the season, Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas has 14 home runs. His career high is 22. He also has the highest slugging percentage of his career. It appears as if Moustakas is selling out for power, which is the "in" thing in baseball these days.

Summertime Melting

Local Flavor: Westport Ice Cream Bakery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- During times when many retail stores are calling it quits, a mom-and-pop shop is opening up in Westport. Deb and her husband have worked together for years in other businesses--- their latest venture is Westport Ice Cream Bakery. They previously owned a garbage company.

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Anonymous said...

Nice ice cream cone, T.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City-based Cerner wins VA contract"

Just another VA dog and pony show that will make less work for the already under worked bureaucrats, waste millions of tax payer dollars and do damn near nothing, in real terms, to improve the shitty health care at the VA. When they come up with a plan that removes dozens of decision makers and approvers and actually requires bureaucrats to do some patient concentric work we might see some signs of life at the VA. Don't hold your breath. Your tax dollars at work.