Monday, June 19, 2017

Kander Leads Desperate Democratic Party Youth Movement After Prez Trump Defeat

Reader suggested link offers a more cynical look at a hometown political hero:

In Search of a Star: Desperate Democrats Turn to Losing Candidate Under Age 40 - Breitbart

With no deep bench ahead of the 2018 midterm elections-and the ever-important looming 2020 presidential campaign, in which President Donald Trump will stand for reelection against a member of the Democratic Party-the Democrats have shifted their efforts to building up a literal loser from Missouri.


Anonymous said...

he could notch credibility if he could takeover claire's seat.

but she's not volunteering to move aside.

the problem is that if he were to get the nomination but lose, it eould tarnish the rising star branding.

who knows what the state of the world will be in 2018!

Anonymous said...

It's beyond comical that a "rising star" has already lost one campaign and would "tarnish his branding" if he lost again.
So the solution is just never run in any campaign and continue to be a "rising star"?
That's like the mayor of Baltimore, who was regularly introduced on national television as a Democratic rising star until she was shown to be completely incompetent and ineffective during the post-Freddie Gray riots. Then she was never heard of again.
What, exactly, is the "rising star" claim based on?
Apparently neither winning an election or doing your current job competently.
All entertainment all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

I've watched Jason for years now. Whether he admits it or not, he is modeling himself after Bill Clinton. The voter registration issue is perfect for him. He doesn't yet "feel our pain" but he'll learn. He also needs to stop staring at the imaginary teleprompter six inches over the crowd. Nothing wrong with memorizing his lines but sincerity is key and hard to fake.

Anonymous said...

I have thought the same thing. I would guess he has studied Clinton's rise and thinks he can replicate it. I wonder if he has a pudgy intern picked out.