Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Independence Officer Wagstaff Shooting Aftermath: Meth Town Home Invasion Suspect Plead Not Guilty

Follow-up for this crime wherein friendly fire in a tense situation is also suspected . . .

3 of 4 men charged in home invasion that led to the shooting of an IPD officer plead not guilty

Three of four men charged with a home invasion that led to the shooting of an Independence Police Officer entered a plea in court Wednesday. Donald Nussbaum, Joseph Wyatt, and James McChan all pleaded not guilty to charges of robbery, armed criminal action, burglary and kidnapping.


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Anonymous said...

God bless Officer Wagstaff and IPD.Friendly fire or not,I sure the hell hope these shit heels are convicted just like they need to be convicted. Just as if they shot him. Let's make it happen,jean !!

Anonymous said...

I hope the shit heels that swept the identify of the shooter under the carpet land in prison. What a fucking farce this clusterfuck has become. Fucking bureaucrat weasels.